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Daily Photo: A Very Supurrvised Day

two black cats in studio
Total Supurrvision

Believe me, this illustration is going to be purrfect or I won’t be able to leave the room! I was very closely supurrvised.

I finally got back into my studio to work on an illustration and back to portrait painting and other art. I felt bad that I spent a little over a week and didn’t have the chance to spend much time with the boys upstairs! Now I’m making up for it, and the boys are taking it very seriously.

For one thing, I had to make up to them before I even got to work, beginning with  some grooming. Someone just had a thorough brushing, and is feeling very special.

two black cats in studio
Simba, brushed.

Midnight Louie is very methodical and must sniff each individual pastel.

two black cats in studio
Louie inspects each pastel.

Then it was time for them to take a nap break.

two black cats in studio
Time out for a nap.

“We are awake and you are now under our supurrvision.”

two black cats in studio
We’re awake!

“You are done painting now.”

I guess I am.

Simba just ran out of patience with me. Here I am, in the room for hours, and all I’m doing is paying attention to my toys, and I’m not playing with him. I’m glad I managed to move my painting before he sat down on it.

black cat in studio
You are done painting now.

These have been some very enjoyable days, and I look forward to more, although Midnight Louie isn’t happy that I sit in “his” chair, and Simba seems to find that supurrvising me for several hours each day cuts into his beauty sleep. These cats and their beauty sleep!


From Instagram

Someday They Will Sing

This is what happens when I wake up and the snow is enchanting and I hear that a maternity hospital in Ukraine was bombed by Russia and I have to do something with all of it.

First I ran around making photos and videos of the snowfall and processed those into a video and some photos, below, but all the while, this poem and even the graphic were forming.

I drafted the poem on the trail on Saturday, what happens when I come face to face with nature on a trail feeling the earth beneath my feet and the sun and breeze filling my head and my thoughts. I have been singing the song since the invasion began and was singing as I walked along, and every so often wrote another line of my thoughts.

You can read the whole story behind this poem on Paths I Have Walked.


From the Garden and Beyond


We were unexpectedly back to snow for a beautiful morning.

burrs with snow
Burrs in hats.

And the video…

You can read more about the lovely snowy morning on Today.

From around this date in past years

Enjoying the Sunshine From All Angles, 2021

two cats in the sun
Mewsette and Sienna

Everyone is enjoying the sunshine at the dining room window! Sienna has the hot seat, but even Mewsette on the edge of the table can warm her furs and shine up her whiskers in all this sunshine. We had such heavy snow cover and cold and overcast weather for most of February that it was hard to tell the days were getting longer and the sun moving in for spring. Now it seems like a huge change with these totally sunny days! But I always say about winter that nothing makes us appreciate spring more.


From Instagram

I was so busy today I didn’t get a chance to Instagram! (did you know that’s now a verb?)

However, I’ve been helping someone trap cats she’s feeding, and they’ve been difficult, they just disappear whenever the traps come out. There’s one mom cat who’s had a few litters of kittens, most of whom seem to just disappear. In October 2019 a friend and his wife who live a few doors away from her heard a kitten outdoors all day and into the night, found it, but waited for this tabby mom to come back, but no sign of her. We took the kitten to the best kitten foster Amy through Pittsburgh CAT.

Andy with the kitten.
Andy with the kitten.

After the polar cold weather moved and the snow began to melt, mom showed up again looking a little too well-rounded. She eluded the trap for about two weeks, though we wanted to trap her for the clinic last weekend. Then tonight, surprise, success! She has a spay appointment tomorrow thanks to HCMT.

Tabby mom.


From around this date in past years

A Really Nice Day, 2020

two black cats at window
Giuseppe and Basil at the window.

What a nice day we had! Giuseppe and Basil settled in the late afternoon sun on the studio windowsill, and we even had a window open, birds were singing, breezes were blowing. It was hard for Mimi and me to stay indoors, but so nice for the first time this year to have the basement door open all afternoon, and a window open in just about each room. Each cat found a happy spot, then later when I closed the basement door and then the windows they all sacked out pretty well. Good thing, I had a meeting and so I was out later than their dinner time, when they woke up and were really good and hungry.


From Instagram

Today’s PT supurrvisors. They’ve been watching me do my daily PT for 5 months after my hip replacement and they still think it’s pretty weird. It’s a pretty blurry photo, but they were so cute watching me. Basil always looks like that, a little scared, so I have to give him a few pets very few moves. Sienna just wants pets. I’m so glad I have them to keep me company while I’m exercising—I really enjoy my exercises, but with all I need to accomplish some days I sometimes lack patience, and they keep me with it.

black cat and tortoiseshell cat
Basil and Sienna supurrvising me.

And the day’s crocus photo, “Enjoying the sun and warm temps today.”

These crocuses.

Photos from around this date in previous years

Mariposa Discovers the Sink, 2019

Should she go for the faucet...
Should she go for the faucet…

For some reason it’s taken this long for Mariposa to discover the green sink and the faucet. I thought she wasn’t a water kitty after spending three full months in the bathroom without noticing the faucet or the water when I turned it on.

But I guess the winter sun angling down into the sink finally made the water sparkle AND the shadows leap around inside the sink, and Mariposa and I had a fun time playing around.

...or the shadow.
…or the shadow.

From Facebook

From over the weekend…

Good morning. Mariposa enjoys the sunrise. (Saturday)

Mariposa enjoys the sunrise.
Mariposa enjoys the sunrise.

Kitties are having a great day while I work in the basement. Birds are singing and breezes are blowing and every once in a while a leaf blows in under the door. (Saturday and Sunday)

Basil, Bella, Giuseppe all sniffing under the door, Mariposa getting a sniff of Giuseppe, Mimi on the steps.
Basil, Bella, Giuseppe all sniffing under the door, Mariposa getting a sniff of Giuseppe, Mimi on the steps.
Bella watching outside, Hamlet getting a good sniff under the door, Mariposa joining them.
Bella watching outside, Hamlet getting a good sniff under the door, Mariposa joining them.

Tortie supurrvisor Sienna watches my outdoor clean up activities from inside. (Sunday)

Sienna watches me working outside. Got to clean those windows.
Sienna watches me working outside. Got to clean those windows.

Basil thinks I look familiar but he’s not sure who I am or why I’m on the front porch. (Sunday)



Photos from years past.


The Four Housecats of the Apocalypse, 2018

The Four Housecats of the Apocalypse are waiting for dinner.
The Four Housecats of the Apocalypse are waiting for dinner.

Where is dinner?! (It’s roasting in the oven. They’ve been smelling it for a few hours and they can’t wait to eat. I have to finish it off and add the supplements. They still have to wait.)

Wowza, this photo was a hit on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter!Well, who could resist these talented felines? I took plenty of others leading up to this and someday I’ll feature those as well! But none are this purrfect lineup. And I really was fussing with the meats I was roasting for them and it was indeed difficult to photograph with my phone while stirring and chopping. Well worth it though.

Saturday was a very busy day, more photos below!


YAY! I think. I went over The Creative Cat’s layout and I think I have the errors fixed, or at least patched over, that were making it run slowly and causing the home page not to compose. I had to remove a few of the categories on the home page just to reduce the number, and that operation showed that two of them may have been the cause of the whole thing. I’m not sure because I still occasionally get an error when the page composes, and I still occasionally get an error in the dashboard too. But for the most part I think I can carry on now until I decide to go for one of the new templates I tried out.

I’m not really sure why this happened. I’ve been using this template for four years with no problems, but now this. Everything is up to date and the code geek in me wants to keep poking at it. But the rest of me wants to get back to posting regularly because I don’t even know what day it is, really, without my editorial schedule on The Creative Cat!

All photos in the current portion of this post were from Saturday and posted initially on Instagram.


Suddenly, it was snowing catnip.

I went to purchase cat food and decided to get fresh catnip for Sienna since she likes it, and made the mistake of putting my bags inside while I moved my car to the driveway. When I came in the plastic bag was perforated all over and catnip sifted down when I picked it up, so…

Snowing catnip.
Snowing catnip.

Hamlet meets Sienna–for the second time. The first time, she turned fast and startled him and he started a hissing fest. This time Sienna quietly received him on her fleecy bed, sniffs, no hisses. Hamlet checked to make sure everything was in the bathroom as he remembered it. This is the first time Hamlet is welcoming a rescued foster cat. So far all the meetings have gone well, and Sienna has been investigating the second floor, but she still doesn’t play with toys.

Hamlet meets Sienna.
Hamlet meets Sienna.

Mimi couldn’t resist a roll in a sunpuddle on the front porch. Even though it was fairly cold we were acting as if it was spring.

Mimi rolling on the porch.
Mimi rolling on the porch.

They let me out of the studio today, can you tell? Have some fresh green stuff from the garden: bittercress, chickweed, dead nettle and garlic mustard, bless them all for their courage in emerging in this challenging spring, even the garlic mustard, which I removed.


Greens in the garden.
Greens in the garden.


Bella chillin.

Bella chillin.
Bella chillin.


Don’t worry, I got dis.

Bella says, "I got dis."
Bella says, “I got dis.”


Mentoring, 2017

Hamlet really looks up to Basil.
Hamlet really looks up to Basil.

Basil was trained as a ninja foster by the best sensei a kitten ever had, Giuseppe. Now Basil returns the favor of showing Hamlet how to do important cat things around the house, like intently watching the blue jay on the deck roof. Hamlet simply looks up to Basil and does his best.

Maybe a little sniff.
Maybe a little sniff.

. . . . . . .

Shared on Facebook and Instagram

Blue Morning Bella

In three lovely variations. I just couldn’t decide.

Original Blue Morning Bella
Original Blue Morning Bella
Instagram Blue Morning Bella
Instagram Blue Morning Bella
Color version Blue Morning Bella
Color version Blue Morning Bella

. . . . . . .

Shared in Previous Years

. . . . . . .

Daily Photo: Menu Planning With Sunshine and Bella
Sunshine and Bella help with this week's menu.
Sunshine and Bella help with this week’s menu.

Saturday meal planning with Mr. Sunshine and Bella who are helping me sort and organize recipes.

. . . . . . .

From Facebook and Instagram

Look, I’m famous! I’m on Facebook!

Hamlet is excited at seeing yesterday’s photo on my computer. He seems to like technology.

Hamlet sees himslef on Facebook.
Hamlet sees himself on Facebook.

68 degrees, bare feet and capris in mid-February. Mimi and I took a little time to clean up outdoors and now we are listening to robins singing the good night song.

Mimi and me outside.
Mimi and me outside.

And a special edition—I was so excited this crocus bloomed this morning. I really thought it needed another day!


Ahhhhh. This poor crocus has been trying to bloom for months, a little frostbitten on the tips, but still fresh and vibrant, and very welcome.


. . . . . . .

Other daily photos shared on this date


Bath Sequence, 2015
two black cats bathing
The beginning of the bath, washing their own faces.

Jelly Bean found the good bath spot on the roll of paper towels and Mr. Sunshine soon joined him. But no two of the Four can be bathing near each other without going rounds to catch each others’ hard to reach spots. They begin and end with their own faces but do a pretty thorough cleaning behind the other brother’s ears before they are done.

Working behind the ears and on the neck two black cats bating
Working behind the ears and on the neck.
Now working down to the shoulder blades, yes! two black cats
Now working down to the shoulder blades, yes!
Back to the faces two black cats bathing.
Back to the faces.

. . . . . . .

On the Prowl, 2012
black cat in tub with toy
Stalking the wild crackle ball.

Mewsette is just waiting for that sparkly crackle ball to make one false move and it’s curtains! You can tell by the curl in her tail that it’s a tense moment.

Nearly everyone took some time to play a little tub hockey with the crackle ball which suddenly showed up out of nowhere after being AWOL for a few months. They like just about any ball, especially in the tub, but the crackle ball makes a really satisfying noise whenever it moves and even when they pick it up.

It also fits perfectly in the tub drain with just enough protruding to pull it back out and start all over again. Mewsette’s game of tub hockey turned into miniature golf as she scored several holes in one, and holes in several.

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“Studio Morning Shift”, pastel on black pastel paper, 9 x 12 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

 I actually had a different image planned for today but Mimi, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine were totally enchanting getting organized in the best cuddle pile on my drafting table by the window, the light was wonderful, and, well, here you are. Read more and purchase.


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