Daily Photo: A Tortie Nap

The black and white nap
The black and white nap

Sienna loves her sunny bathroom windowsill. Just a few minutes in that warm space, even on a cold morning, and she’s ready for a nap.

Sometimes I can’t capture their faces at a good angle, or the light from the window overpowers any sort of manual changes I can make to even out the contrast. That’s when I use the mirror that’s in the corner over the sink. All the white geometry always makes for an interesting photo.

The speckled nap
The speckled nap

From Instagram

Boys are watching an X-rated nature flick out in the spruce. All that squawking and flapping is pretty exciting.

Boys watching birds.
Boys watching birds.

Photos from years past.


Pisces, 2018

Bella ponders the fishes.
Bella ponders the fishes.

Is Bella watching the two fishes swim in circles, or pondering the fact that she’s probably a Pisces? Only Bella knows for sure. She is a champion at Go Fish on the tablet.

But she had some fun with my vintage 60s medallion. What does the world look like through Pisces?

What does the world look like through Pisces?
What does the world look like through Pisces?

Do they smell like fishes?

Do they smell like fishes?
Do they smell like fishes?

Having fishy thoughts.

Pisces thoughts.
Pisces thoughts.


A memory from last year…


Singing to the Stars Tonight, 2017

Oh, how he would join her there!
Oh, how he would join her there!

We are certain the lovely and elegant French-Canadian feline Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite will still hear Giuseppe’s arias of love in her honor as he sings to her at the north window, though she is now one of the stars in the heavens.

Mlle. lived in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada, the “Steel City North” while Giuseppe lives in (close enough) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA, the “Steel City” as we are fond of calling it, so Giuseppe sings out the north window knowing she can hear his song, and the sky he looks at is the same sky his ebony ladycat sees out her windows, and tonight will be no different.

But Mlle. lived many other places in her life with her human, Denise. Mlle. was born on New Year’s Day 1999 and was adopted by Denise from the Toronto Humane Society on June 26, 2001. They moved together from city to small town and back again several times as Daisy helped Denise weather the changes of their lives through illness and loss. Mlle. was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010 and Denise got it under control but never fully into remission with diet, nonetheless Mlle. was robust and active, talkative and affectionate. Mlle. had been feeling poorly now and then over the last year, but especially over the last month, losing weight, slowing down. The veterinarian suspected cancer, and Denise has been providing palliative care. Today Denise gave Mlle. the final loving gift and set her free from the pain of her body.

black cat on rug
Giuseppe’s favorite photo of his love.

You can read more about Mlle.’s rescue story and life with Denise in Happy Homecoming Day to a Special Lady Cat.

He received a photo of his love...
He received a photo of his love…

The lovely and mature Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite, Giuseppe Basil Verdi’s long-distance love, one day in June 2011 boldly bespoke her affection for the young American feline opera star and the two have been gazing at the stars and passing magic messages and exchanging gifts. You can read all the tales and correspondence between the dignified ebony ladycat and the young American opera star in posts where you see this image…



Read about Mlle. Daisy Emerald and the long-distance affaire between the mature French-Canadian feline lady and the young American opera star.

They so enjoy writing florid Victorian-style letters to each other, sometimes the poets, sometimes the artists, sometimes the bonneted Mlle. Daisy Emerald and the beplumed Giuseppe Verdi in their Revolutionary roles.

Giuseppe is entranced.
Giuseppe is entranced.

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