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Daily Photo: A Little Bird Told Us!

Maybe if we look at it from this angle.
Maybe if we look at it from this angle.

Such excitement! As if Cat TV isn’t exciting enough, a little bird hopped right off the feeder and landed right there, on the window, not a paw’s distance away!

Giuseppe watches the bird.
Giuseppe watches the bird.

Of course, there was the screen, but Giuseppe was right on the situation first, closely watching the bird and hoping he might come closer. He was so absorbed he didn’t even pay attention to Simon, in the basket, chasing Giuseppe’s agitated tail as it flapped back and forth—I have the video embedded below.

Shortly after it began, Bella joined him and the two turned their attention on male house finch who was just waiting his turn at the feeder.

It's right there...
It’s right there…

They looked at him from all different angles.

Cleverly camouflaged by the windowsill.
Cleverly camouflaged by the windowsill.

Tried to sneak up on him.

Let's put our heads together on this!
Let’s put our heads together on this!

And really put their heads together on how to get to that bird! But the bird stayed safely outside the window, eventually having a snack then heading to the front yard bird bath. How exciting! But exhausting!

And here is Simon chasing Giuseppe’s lashing tail as he watched the bird.


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On the Prowl

Bernadette had better clear my walking paths in this yard soon or it will be over my head! On the other paw, there’s an awful lot of scurrying going on under these leaves…

Mimi in the undergrowth in the woodland garden/
Mimi in the undergrowth in the woodland garden/

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What other photos did I feature around this date?

Wordless Wednesday: Being Watched, 2014
four black cats
I felt I was being watched.

. . . . . . .

We’re All Nuts Here, 2013
black cat eating peanuts
This is what I saw, Mewsette eating peanuts.

I’d shelled some peanuts to add to my dinner and left the remainder on the cabinet after I’d eaten and Mimi and I went outside to the compost bin and other destinations in the back yard (good thing we went when we did, it’s storming out there now), and when we came back in, this is what we found—Mewsette with her face in the measuring cup of shelled peanuts! And she wasn’t just sniffing them, she pulled one out and proceeded to nom it down. That Mewsette, she has such strange food preferences!

Then she decided to stock up and pulled out a bunch to drop onto the cutting board.

black cat eating peanuts
Nom nom nom.

Of course, Mr. Sunshine can’t ever be out of the loop on a new discovery so he came over nose first and decided he liked them too. That was when I decided I’d remove them, and peanuts probably aren’t such a good snack choice for cats anyway as a possible choking hazard, but then dry food would be a hazard as well as many treats, and I would bet a cat’s sensitive digestion is not prepared for a crunched up groundnut and all its starch and oils. Mewsette likes all nuts—good thing, living here—but there are nuts that are toxic to cats and she likes those too: macadamia nuts. I opened a bag of my favorite trail mix and she dug her paw right in and pulled out a macadamia nut and would have eaten her way through all the other contents including raisins. I don’t get that trail mix anymore.

two black cats with peanuts
Mr. Sunshine noses in on Mewsette’s noms.

Other daily photos shared on this date

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photo of black cat in sun and shadow
Giuseppe at the door.

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. . . . . . .

2011: How Do You Make This Thing Work?
black cat with pen on desk
Mr. Sunshine, the engineer cat, tries to figure out how the pen works.

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. . . . . . .

2010: Boys and Books
Boys and Books
Boys and Books

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  • guys….even tho ther IZ a BURD in thiz mewvie……N due knot let on we said thiz….we still cracked up & gived it 984 …paws UP !!!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

    • I wanted to warn you, Tabbies, but Simon was totally cute! And so were Giuseppe and Bella!


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