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Daily Photo: A Few of Ernie

black and white cat with paw
Ernie with the loooooong paw!

Ernie liked to let one paw dangle as far as it would go, so of course I had to lie on the floor and photograph him like that! Usually, by the time I got the camera in place Ernie was up and trying to help me. This time, I just held the camera down and hoped for the best.

I have so many photos of Ernie and Bert that I took to share for adoption, and just because I take pictures. I’m sure I’ll be sharing a few more as time goes on, but here are a few I recently took just in case their adoptions didn’t through, so here are three of Ernie, and I’ll post Bert’s tomorrow.

black and white cat

A nice relaxed Ernie! What a wonderful face. And below, he’s ready to play.

black and white cat
Ready to leap!

Ironically, you will probably also see some art featuring them too. I had way less time for sketches while they were here, partly my schedule in the past month or so, and then I just had less time for sketching for the time I needed to spend with them. Plus Smokie and Bella, and four fosters is a bit of extra time all total.

. . . . . . .

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Wordless Wednesday: Which Photo of Pretty Mewsette?, 2014
photo of black cat
“Pretty Mewsette”

(But here were the runners-up! I took all these photos in two minutes, then it took me a day to decide which one I wanted to be the special one. I’m still not sure!)

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. . . . . . .

After Mardi Gras, 2013
two black cats and colored beads
After le bon temps rolled.

Beginning the day with meows and leaps of “Laissez le bon temps rouler!” and a chorus of “Jambalaya (breakfast), a-crawfish pie (freeze-dried bonito salmon flakes) and-a file gumbo (we didn’t get to that), ‘Cause tonight I’m gonna see my ma cher amio…” (that last being Giuseppe, of course) we had a breakfast Mardi Gras party. We used our birthday party beads because for the most part they are the right color, though Mewsette insisted on her red beads being included.

Mewsette and Giuseppe rest after the big event, which lasted about ten minutes. Everything in proper measure.

Lyrics to Jambalaya © Hank Williams, Jr.

. . . . . . .

The Proper Use for a Macy’s Bag, 2012
black cat on macy's bag
JB cleverly hidden on a Macy’s bag.

No one would ever notice a black cat on a white paper bag on a white floor because he is completely flat (or thinks he is). It’s the best use of a Macy’s bag I’ve seen in a long time.

The magic Macy’s bag has been a bed, a fort, a Narnia portal, and a sled since I brought it home from a meeting with “Aunt Carolyn” of My Three Cats who generously included a few heavy-duty catnip toys along with other gifts for the kids.

I think Jelly Bean is still under the influence. Mewsette sneaks up on him.

two black cats and macy's bag
Of course, Mewsette is completely hidden as well.
two black cats on bag

And gives the wild-eyed boy a little nose tap.

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