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Daily Photo: A Few More of Bert–oops, Simon!

Here's Simon looking as soft and fuzzy as he really was in life!
Here’s Simon looking as soft and fuzzy as he really was in life!

Yes, Bert’s name is now Simon, and it’s such a natural for him that I took to it right away and forgot he was called Bert for quite some time! I have a few of my favorites here along with a few from his adopter, Christy, who has been sharing his photos on my Facebook page and sending me updates. Above he looks soft and sweet and ready for petting, which he was—I’m so glad he got to like it because everyone is going to want to touch such a beautiful cat.

Simon tended to blend in with things in the bathroom and I finally got a photo of him in the tub looking very handsome.

orange cat in the tub
Simon in the tub!

He took to the scratcher and loved to stretch his back while digging into the strip of jute carpet backing I have at the top, and always made sure it was convenient for me to scratch his back with he stretched.

orange cat scratching post
Simon has a good scratch!

While Ernie really liked the cat track that was just a track, Simon liked the one with the scratcher in the center, and had developed a habit of sitting purr-fectly centered there. I finally got him to look up at me.

orange cat on cat track
Simon sitting in the middle of the cat track.

He never did get what I enjoyed about being totally covered with water.

orange cat
What Simon thought about me soaking in the tub.

We’re using this photo as our Sunday Selfie this week!

Scroll down to see who else is participating.

Now these photos are Simon in his new home! First, he’s soaking up the affection. He transitioned right to his new person without any hesitation.

orange cat
Simon can’t get enough cuddling!

Piper, the resident kitty, comes over to see what’s happening. Piper has been curious and friendly, but both are being cautious.

orange cat and black cat
Piper comes over for a closer look at Simon.

Piper is still the lord of the manor, but Simon is definitely finding his place there.

orange cat and black cat
Piper and Simon are getting closer, literally.

. . . . . . .

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Wordless Wednesday: Truly Spring, 2013
cat silhouette with sun flares
Truly spring has arrived at the morning widow as Mimi is bathed in pinks and surrounded by rainbows. Who’s my Valentine?

. . . . . . .

Clean Up This Snow, 2012
black cat meowing
“Clean up this snow.”

Mimi is fine with the collar, and even the leash is okay.

But cold, wet paws are not part of the bargain. She did take one step out of the clear spot on the big rock, then got back up on the step.

“You need to get out there and clean up that snow,” she looked up at me and said.

This from the kitty who used to trot all over the neighborhood in all sorts of weather.

black cat in snow
To give her credit, she did give it a try.


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12 thoughts on “Daily Photo: A Few More of Bert–oops, Simon!

  • dood…rockin awesum fotos N we iz bee ond happee for ewe…best best fishes in yur new for evers N we
    just noe ewe & piper will be de best oh friendz !! ♥♥♥

    • I’m still getting updates, Tabbies, I’m so happy for them!

    • Kjelle, he certainly looks like he’s in charge, doesn’t he?

  • Flynn

    Simon is very handsome and a gorgeous deep colour. It looks like he will be very happy in his new home.

    • Flynn, how nice of you to stop in! Simon is the first orange cat I’ve fostered or lived with who had those marvelous orange eyes. I’m so glad I have lots of photos of him! And I hope you continue to feel well enough to chase mousies in the field. My house panthers are jealous!

  • bluemoonalone

    Simon/Bert looks quite comfy and happy in his furever home..So glad to see this from what was a scared little hissy kitty..I’m sure they will become good buddies..Piper is a very handsome house panther..Mimi is need to get out there and clean up all of this snow..and then you can come here and clean mine up and your kitty family stay warm and safe B..

    • Bluemoonalone, I couldn’t be happier for both boys, and I know they are bonded with their humans for starters, and friendly enough to be happy with the animal housemates as well. I’m not cleaning up any snow though! Everyone just has to wait!

  • Simon is a nice name and we are so delighted he is happy in his new home 🙂
    Piper looks like a cute kitty too.
    Hope they get along well soon.
    Mimi is brave to walk in that cold snow 😉
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    • Georgia and Julie, it was love at first sight for Christy, and though Simon is a little hesitant he’s totally affectionate and he could have been much more frightened considering his background. I’m so happy for him!


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