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Daily Cat Photo: Quality Control Cats

Can't you see it? two black cats
Can’t you see it?

You can be sure your orders are correct and properly packed and labeled with this kind of vigilance from my quality control cats. Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean inspect the contents of this order, and below they are indicating that something is terribly wrong. Purrhaps they don’t know I still need to fold the notecards?

Wow, look at that! two black cats
Wow, look at that!

Apparently this order meets with the boys’ approval, but Mewsette finds something she doesn’t care for. I think I know what it is. I trimmed down a piece of cardboard to support the print in the packaging. I had intended to use the edge of it that she had interpreted with a delicate pattern of toothmarks. I trimmed it off instead.

This is also the part where they add the free cat hair.

Mewsette doesn't care for this packaging at all. Three black cats.
Mewsette doesn’t care for this packaging at all.

Of course, the boss has the final say. She’s been sleeping in the basket all this time.

Mimi peeks out of the basket. black cat in basket
Mimi peeks out of the basket.

. . . . . . .

Shared on Facebook today.

I have some catching up to do on my Facebook posts after not posting for most of last week, but here is another little studio cat I posted over the weekend. (Jennifer Sager is my niece, and that’s where the kittens will be going.)

And from today, Basil loves his basket!

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Daily Cat Photo: We Don’t Know What Happened to the Kittens, 2014
We don't know what happened to the kittens.
We don’t know what happened to the kittens.

“We don’t know what happened to the kittens,” say two black cats with, I clearly think, guilty expressions.

Smokie and Bella look as if someone deflated them and laid them on the cabinet. What am I to think with two robust-looking adult ninjas sitting right there?

Likely, the kittens played a little too hard, and fell down for a nap where they stood. In a few minutes they’ll be back up and ready to wrestle, chase fleecy mousies and packing peanuts and carefully observe the birds and squirrels.

“They were like this when we got here!” say Sunshine and Mewsette.

They were like this when we got here.
They were like this when we got here.

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What other photos did I post on or around this date?


Three Loaves, and the Sister Who Arranged Them, 2013
three black cats
Three loaves.

The boys are organized and very presentable. But that wasn’t how they started out. They were, as the brothers tend to be after their morning romp, wrestling matches and baths, rather carelessly strewn about on their blanket.

three black cats
The boys are a little disorganized.

Mewsette entered the room and tried to enjoy a good scratch on some pieces of cardboard, but their presentation was too distracting. Over she came and shuffled them around until they suited her idea of presentable.

four black cats
Mewsette does a little work on their presentation.

Now look at the first photo again, and see what a good job Mewsette did.

three black cats
Three loaves.

And December 3 must be a day for loafing—see the photo I posted on this day in 2012, below.

Other daily photos shared on this date

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Four Loaves, 2012
four black cats on bed
Four Loaves.

As you’ve seen, they typically cuddle, but here they are looking perhaps a little dissatisfied with their lot. They have a nice soft, warm bed on a rainy December day, what more could they want? I never figured it out, but later they were cuddled quite sweetly; you’ll see that sometime soon in a Wordless Wednesday, perhaps.

I decided to have a little fun with them in Photoshop, so I applied the cutout filter which makes it appear with a Sunday comics kind of look. They blend together, but keep some of the highlights, and you can see a few eyes looking at you.

four black cats
Four loaves filtered with cutout.

And then yet a little more simplified. By the way, it’s Mewsette, Giuseppe, Bean and Sunshine.

four black cats on bed
Four loaves filtered and simplified…I think I’m getting somewhere.

. . . . . . .

2011: Watching the Kids Go to School
two black cats
Waiting for the next kids to walk down the street.

Giuseppe and Jelly Bean were this week’s Block Watch Cats. Not only kids going to school, but neighbors going to work, then people who park on the street to catch the bus, are all carefully observed and remarked upon by whomever is on Block Watch Cat duty. On the weekend, they wait in vain.

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