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Daily Cat Photo: Folding Dishtowels

Oh, the excitement of folding dishtowels. Daily Cat Photo, six black cats
Ah, the excitement of folding dishtowels.

“Ah, the excitement of folding dish towels.” From left: Mewsette, Giuseppe, Sunshine, Basil, Bean, Mimi.

Really, they were all gathered around while I was folding just because they do that. I stopped for a moment to turn off the gas under a pot on the stove and when I turned around they were all looking at me expectantly. I guess I was the show for the day!

I posted this on Facebook yesterday but forgot to do a daily photo post except for the girls. So here is yesterday’s photo and reprise photos!

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I post on or around this date?


Daily Cat Photo: Christmas Catnip, 2014
black cat with catnip toy Daily Cat Photo
Bella indulges in the Christmas Catnip.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Bella says it’s time to pull out the Christmas catnip.

I really really really wanted to paint this, and kind of mocked up what I had in mind with a few filters, poster edges, posterizing, cutout, and I just may do this one a little later! Bella is so inspiring.

. . . . . . .

Daily Cat Photo: Gone Fishin’, 2014
two black cats play computer fishing game Daily Cat Photo
Bean and Giuseppe watch the fishy swim around and around.

We are still back in the Dark Ages of electronic stuff here, with three dull, old-fashioned desktop computers that still use mouses and keyboards. Who uses desks anymore except for their felines to recline upon? I mean, really, what good are keyboards to cat paws? And mouses? They’re not even fun to play with! My cats know because they’ve tried everything they can think of.

That means my poor deprived felines don’t have their own devices that can be mastered with the touch of a paw so they can’t communicate with other felines—meaning Giuseppe can’t send his florid love messages to Mlle. without assistance, and Mr. Sunshine can’t conspire with Theo to fix things around the house they way they like. That also means they have no modern games or toys like other kitties. They are downright neglected!

So it was pretty cool when Dr. Michelle saw Giuseppe and Jelly Bean sitting on the cabinet in the kitchen, looking all bored and sad, and decided to take pity on them to see if they might like to play with some fishes on her iPad.

At first they just watched the little fishy moving around and around on that little screen and were simply enchanted just with it moving around, all by itself, right there. Such concentration, the air around them practically heated up with the force of their dual feline focus! Then Jelly Bean reached out a paw to touch it, and it disappeared! But rings appeared in its place under Bean’s paw!

two black cats play computer fishing game Daily Cat Photo
Bean tries to get the fishy.

And it was back, and Giuseppe slapped a paw atop it.

two black cats play computer fishing game Daily Cat Photo
Giuseppe catches the fishy!

It disappeared again! More rings! The fishy reappeared, moving faster! Suddenly, Giuseppe won! Whatever that meant!

two black cats play computer fishing game Daily Cat Photo

But then the fishy reappeared all on its own, and Bean and Giuseppe were unable to get it. Bella moved in between them, and quickly caught the fishy and won the next game. Kids these days, they know all about these electronic things without even having to learn! Bean left to go and have a much needed nap.

two black cats play computer fishing game Daily Cat Photo
Bella moves in and quickly wins the game.

And then Bella claimed the iPad and wouldn’t let Giuseppe play.

two black cats play computer fishing game Daily Cat Photo
Bella claims the iPad because she won.

But a teenager’s attention span is brief and off she went, leaving Giuseppe with the iPad to try his paw at fishing on his own.

two black cats play computer fishing game Daily Cat Photo
Giuseppe plays the game by himself, holding one paw up at the ready.

And he won, once again!

two black cats play computer fishing game Daily Cat Photo
Giuseppe wins!

Thanks Dr. Michelle! Can you talk our human into getting one of those?

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Morning Bath, 2013
black and white photo of cat bathing Daily Cat Photo
Mimi has a sculptural bath in the sun.

(Funny, I took several photos very much like this one just this morning!)

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Lazy Birdwatching, 2012
silhouette of cats with bird feeder Daily Cat Photo
It’s much easier to watch the bird feeder from the basket of laundry.

There is still something I just love about this photo.

. . . . . . .

From the Archives: Waves of Cats, 2009
three cats sleeping on shawl Daily Cat Photo
Waves of cats.

From November 28, 2009…

Giuseppe, Mimi and Bean fit together atop a hand-knitted shawl, their ears and backs in graceful ever-increasing curves suggesting waves, suggested especially by the blue and green stripes in the shawl.

I’d set on the table while digging through the coat closet. Mind you, I was digging through the coat closet because some clever feline had apparently been climbing the coats and shawls and sleeping on the shoulders of my winter coats and everything in there was a mess. It certainly wasn’t Peaches or Kelly or Cookie, and that narrowed the suspects down to a few black cats I know. Yet even in their penitence (I’d like to think) they are graceful and artfully inspiring.

I think I’ll have another tomorrow, since we did the same thing the following day.

This may look a little more like waves…

cutout version of photo
Waves of cats with cutout filter applied.

. . . . . . .

Daily Cat Photo: Jelly Bean Discovers His “Inner Pink”, 2012
black cat in pink box Daily Cat Photo
Jelly Bean tries out a box that is more his size.

One of the brands of envelopes I use for greeting cards comes in a pleasingly pink box. Yesterday and today as I packed greeting cards and consolidated envelopes into fewer boxes, Jelly Bean felt compelled to try each box. Like all the others he does like his boxes, but these pink ones were somehow special, even if he had to expand the box’s boundaries a bit. He looks quite serious about the experience.

black cat in pink box
Jelly Bean stuffs himself into an A-7 box.

And he purred heartily when I decorated him.

black cat in pink box with tape Daily Cat Photo
Jelly Bean purrs happily as I decorate him with backing from tape.

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    I saw it on Facebook yesterday…they look like it’s a serious job they have supervising you….I too love the Lazy Bird Watching photo from 2012…maybe it’s that little mountain of black with ears sticking up in front of all those pretty colors…Whatever it is it appeals greatly to me…


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