Commissioned Portrait: Brody, a Close-up

pastel portrait of cat
“Brody”, 2005, pastel, 10″ x 12″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Usually individual cat portraits include the entire cat, but in Brody’s case he was a big cat. His person’s husband had purchased a portrait certificate from me knowing she’d want a portrait of her long-lived cat. She decided she wanted to be able to see all the details in his face and fur so she opted for just the bust view. This is another older portrait before I had the detail photograph down and he’s a little pixelated, but I had great fun messing around in all that fur! Similar to Nick’s portrait I chose a blue background to complement his eyes.

Below is a close-up of just his face with all those wonderful fine markings around his baby blue eyes.

detail of pastel cat portrait
Closeup of Brody’s face.

After all those years she did have a number of photos of him, but few close-ups—they weren’t so easy with those older film cameras, especially for a kitty who didn’t like to be photographed as you can see below by his “demon eyes”. We liked the posture a lot, but needed to do something not only about the red but about the position and expression as well.

pastel portrait of cat
Reference photo for portrait.

I worked on the shape of his eyes and his expression, and while I tried to change the angle of his head so he was looking at us as he is here, there just wasn’t enough detail in this or any other photo to be able to do this convincingly, but we were still pleased.

I was touched by her love of her childhood kitty; the young couple had two children, but her husband knew it was Brody’s portrait she’d want.

Brody’s portait was 10″ x 12″, painted in pastels on Wallis brand sanded pastel paper.


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