Chris Davis of Lighthearted Press on “Great Rescues”

An artist friend purchased a calendar and e-mailed her remarks today. I was so excited to hear from a fellow animal artist and author of several books! My portraiture style is very much in the fine art portraiture genre, though I do work in looser styles and different media, but I study the work of other artists all the time to inspire growth and change in my own work.

Chris Davis is one of those artists—I have one of her books, For Every Cat an Angel, which she sent after I lost my Peaches last year. I found her colorful, whimsical style so comforting for its lighthearted nature, and indeed that is the name of Chris’ publishing company, Lighthearted Press!

Here is what Chris wrote:

Bernadette, I sat down last night and read your calendar from cover to cover – it’s fabulous! Like a good book, I didn’t want it to end. Every cat lover should have one of these calendars. The stories are uplifting, and the notes and quotes you put on the calendar pages are helpful and inspiring.

I think you’ve created something very special here. Your stunning artwork jumps off each page. I enjoyed reading the additional info at the end, where you told more of each heartwarming story.

As an extra special gift, you included all those resources and important info at the back for anyone who shares their life with a cat. What a treasure! I’m delighted with this extraordinary work of art. I think all the love and care you give to your kitties was also given to this calendar…and it shows!

Congratulations, Bernadette – you’ve got a winner, here!

Cheers, Chris

And please visit Chris’ website to see her illustrated books! You’ll love them—and she’s working on a new one!


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2 thoughts on “Chris Davis of Lighthearted Press on “Great Rescues”

  • July 22, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    I, was very surprised with your Calendar.
    It, is much more, than just pictures of cats.
    There is so much information in it , I’m, very happy to have received it.

    Carolyn Cummins

    • July 22, 2011 at 2:40 pm

      Carolyn, thank you! I was actually a little uncertain about giving people “just a calendar”, and I loved all those stories, so I tried to come up with something you’d want to keep even after 2012 is over. Thanks for commenting.


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