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Caturday Art: Yesteryear

black cat in vintage photo.
Mimi contemplates yesteryear.

Mimi has been contemplative lately; I have an idea why that might be.

This is the upstairs window with the old, old lace curtain and the round mirror with the antique gold gesso frame. I regularly photograph the cats reflected in the mirror as well as in front of the mirror, but no matter which the lace curtain, laurel frame and stucco wall always make it seem as if it’s from another time. I made this sepia in my camera, then in Photoshop used one of my old photo photo borders to crop the edges to look ripped, applied an inner glow with the deepest shade from the sepia to make it appear as if the edges were darkened with age and added a drop shadow as if it was on a surface casting a shadow. After all that was done I had decided to add a piece of light-colored lace to the background just to continue the vintage look, but maybe another time. My old photo edges are from an era of much lower resolution!

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Looking for Divine Guidance, 2013
black cat with roll of tape on her head
Looking for divine guidance.

No, Mewsette is not in the running to be the next Pope, but if she manages to keep from taking revenge on me for conveniently using the top of her head to hold my roll of tape, she may deserve beatification or at least a few karma points.

You know, my work table is only so big, and when kitties decide to settle down where I normally put my tools and materials, I don’t make any excuses for what I do.

“You people out there have no idea what goes on when she’s not taking photos,” Mewsette advises.

. . . . . . .

Who Is That Kitty?!, 2013
black cat looking at herself in mirror
Who is that kitty?!

I’m fairly certain Mewsette is playing a little game with herself when she plays peek-a-boo with herself at the edge of a mirror. Whether or not, she certainly seems to be having fun with it.

Whatever she’s doing, I almost can’t stand the cuteness. If I laugh, she comes over to talk to me, so I have to be really, really quiet, though she’s accustomed to my camera so I take it out on snapping about a dozen shots.

If you look closely on her hip you’ll see a kitty shadow. That’s her mom, enjoying a sunbath. Mewsette will soon join her again, after she is certain the other black kitty will stay in that mirror.

. . . . . . .

Sunny Stairway, 2012
two black cats on steps
Hanging out in a sunny stairway.

Preparing for another game of stairway ball Mr. Sunshine and Mimi enjoyed a splash of warmth on a very nice morning.

. . . . . . .

Can’t Get Away From the Kids, 2012
black cat on box with cat in background
Mimi just can’t shake the kids.

“I’m on the top of a tall stack of boxes in the middle of the room and I still can’t get away from these kids.”

Note Jelly Bean in the background, waiting for attention.

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2 thoughts on “Caturday Art: Yesteryear

  • Paulette Smith

    Really great photos! Your antique mirror really makes a great “prop”. Love it!

    • Thanks, Paulette! That and the 30-year-old lace curtain are all I need!


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