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Caturday Art: Aw, Little Brother

two black cats talking
Aw, little brother…

Sshhhhh…it’s Wordless Wednesday…but we still can’t get mom to shut up…

Giuseppe apparently comforts Jelly Bean for some reason a human probably wouldn’t understand…

Don’t fall for it! Look at their ears, pulled back just a little—they’re in the middle of one of their epic wrestling matches. Jelly Bean is going to explode in 3, 2, 1….



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What other photos did I feature on (more or less) this date?

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Wordless Wednesday: Never Too Old or Too Big For a Bath from Mom, 2013
two black cats
Of course, Mimi has to stand and Giuseppe has to crouch for her to reach his forehead…

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Death is At the Door, 2012
three black cats staring out door
Death is at the door, but it’s on the inside, sorry guys.

It’s got to be good if three dozing kitties wake up and race to the door, every muscle alive with ready tension for action. So what is it?! Hester the Bunny? One of those big fat mourning doves who tantalizingly sit in the middle of the walk? Or is it…a neighbor cat?

Sunshine, Bean and Giuseppe are combining their deadly rays to neutralize whatever is out there, especially through the use of crossed tails. I guess it doesn’t take much to get them all worked up, either that or we had a really, really dull day. Well, they did, I was pretty busy, but for them this was probably the most excitement outside of breakfast (dinner has not been served yet).

It’s a little vole visiting a puddle on the front porch, distinguished from the moles that live underground and the little field mice who try to breed in the basement (homegrown cat food?). These little guys have always looked as if someone already bit off their tail and despite the breeding mice are what is usually dragged up from the basement by the Four Housecats of the Apocalypse (three shown here).

vole on front porch
The target animal.

I photographed it through the screen with the lower-mm lens, hence the dithering and blur, but it’s that little gray thing in the puddle. It thanked me for not letting Death come in the afternoon by digging through the little pack of coleus and uprooting each plant, spilling soil on the porch, not a major infringement, but having eaten the entirety of my lily bed several years ago, and the roots of all the plants that try to grow around my porch and then starting on my garden—especially eating the roots, they really like the roots—makes me a little less disposed to compassion for them. They are nearly impossible to deter, trap or dissuade even with chemicals and poisons for those who use them, and many management plans will tell you that a vole-hungry cat is the best control. Through the years Cookie was the most effective and humane vole-killer, followed by Namir, and between the two had gotten the population down to a minimum, leaving enough for the owls who visited at night. Guess we’ll have to stick with death rays for now, even with the owls.

Mimi has been clearing them out of my garden, and not a moment too soon, after they ate the roots from ten pepper plants.

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Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy, 2012
black cat wrapped around computer keyboard
The latest model Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy.

It’s the latest thing to have, a Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy, featuring a real live cat to keep your keyboard warm and keep you entertained! Here modeled by Mr. Sunshine, tucked tightly up against the top of keyboard while using his mom as a pillow—and he’s even kolor koordinated!

The Keyboard Kozy protects your keyboard with its unique and innovative “paws”, which conveniently lock onto the keyboard at both ends. Above, Mr. Sunshine has his hind paws locked in place but is not yet fully engaged on the front. See details, below.

black cat paws on keyboard
Hind paws fully engaged and locked on the keyboard.
front paws of black cat wrapped around keyboard
With his front paws in place, Mr. Sunshine is now fully engaged as the Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy.

And when he’s done working, he climbs back into the box that came with the keyboard! Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy comes in koordinating kolors to match your keyboard, and since most keyboards are black I hope this means new homes for lots of black kitties!

At my regular desk downstairs where most of the computer work is done, I have always had a keyboard shelf so that my keyboard was safely under my desk, even while I was typing. With kitties disposed to walk on them, sleep on them and deposit unwanted bodily fluids on them, it’s always been the safest thing. Upstairs is a different story, though, as I’ve only recently added a computer to my studio, donated by a friend who got a laptop. I hadn’t ever wanted the distraction of a computer in this room, but am finding it more and more necessary, and I’m also getting more and more tired of running up and down the steps when I remember I wanted to e-mail someone, or I want to scan something or upload something or any of the zillion things we do each day with our computers. My computer downstairs is also getting tired and will be replaced, so I’m taking some of the burden off of it by doing what I can up here.

What makes it all really fun is that my “desk” up here is a drafting table, slanted just enough for everything to slowly slide off, computer, pens, papers, cats and all, so I keep the non-skid material on it to hold everything in place. But that means that everything eventually comes to rest up against the top of the keyboard, and everyone else wants to play with it because I’m playing with it. And now Mr. Sunshine can awaken and gnaw on my knuckles, one of his favorite activities, any time he wants to.

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Find your Kolor Koordinated Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy at your local shelter or rescue and give a few more black kitties a home during Adopt a Cat Month!

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