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Cats Purred Me to Sleep…at My Desk: 2010

tabby cat and black cat on desk
Dickie and Sunshine are mesmerizing.

As part of their campaign to make sure I sat still and stayed home for a while, Dickie and Mr. Sunshine simply monopolized my desk, dozing and sleeping, purring in a most luxurious tone, hoping I would catch the hint.

I did, after at least trying to sort through photos last night, but suddenly awakening at my desk with a warm purring Cookie on my lap and other cats in the vicinity keeping guard, perhaps making sure I didn’t fall off my chair. It was a long day with packing and unpacking merchandise twice at the Artisan Market (an artist’s marketplace in Pittsburgh’s Strip District that I sometimes attend to sell merchandise on Saturdays), then again when I got it back to my shop, and it was a little warm yesterday, and it was a long week. We all decided to just go to bed. We’re catching up today.

So there’s that tabby cat again! Dickie took a little time to adjust to living with the boys and Mewsette, but once he got accustomed to being surrounded by black cats—and he was bigger than any of them—he had a ball, they were all best buddies and he did everything they did. If you look closely, he and Mr. Sunshine are kind of holding paws, Mr. Sunshine’s on top. You’ll be seeing him over the next couple of months when I repost images from 2010, and you can read about him here.


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2 thoughts on “Cats Purred Me to Sleep…at My Desk: 2010

    • Cynthia, at other times I awoke with my head down on the desk and Cookie on my back instead of my lap. It was really hard to convince myself to get up!


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