Cats for Adoption: Max, Binx and Phoebe at Fix ‘Ur Cat


Last week I mentioned our friendly community cat Ebby needed to see a veterinarian for an issue with his eye, and we’d be taking him to Fix ‘Ur Cat’s Monday wellness clinic. While we were there we got to meet three wonderful rescued kitties who live in the clinic—but only until they find their forever homes! All three are social and friendly, though they had to stay in their crates during the wellness clinic, but here are their stories.



Max is a big mellow silver tabby, and he is just as sweet as he sounds. To think he lived on someone’s porch for over seven years…if any kitty deserves a home, it’s Max! Here is his story:

I originally came to Fix ‘Ur Cat to be neutered and have a large wound on my face stitched up. I lived on a porch in Avella for over 7 years. Although Tammy came and fed me every day, the new home owner really did not want me. I did my best to charm Binx and the staff at Fix ‘Ur Cat and got to stay! Now I am a friendly and loving kitty. I spend my time visiting with people in the front window. I also love treats, playing with toys, and getting petted.

Max is neutered and up to date on all his shots, and he’s ready to go home whenever you are!



Binx is VERY outgoing. I could not get a clear shot of him no matter what I did, he just wanted to be petted but I couldn’t open the crate during the clinic. Though Binx was a barn cat he’s a friendly cat now, and you know how I love those tabby and white kitties! Here is his story:

I originally came to Fix ‘Ur Cat to have my leg amputated. I was running into a barn and something grabbed me. I could not go back to barn life, so I found my new home at Fix ‘Ur Cat. Now I am a friendly and loving kitty. I spend my time visiting with people in the front window. I also love treats, playing with toys, and sitting in empty carriers and boxes.

Max is neutered and up to date on his shots, and missing a leg doesn’t slow him down. I didn’t even realize he was missing a leg until I went back to read his cage card!



Phoebe looks a little startled, but that’s because another cat was meowing in the room, not because she’s not a sweet and friendly girl. She’s a young kitty, and as petite and pretty as she looks! Here is her story:

I came to Fix ‘Ur Cat with a large wound on my neck. It turned out I had a piece of broken bone inside it. After removing the piece of bone, we had to wait for my wound to heal. I do not like the boys who live here in the office, and would prefer to be the queen of a single cat household! Fix ‘Ur Cat will cover my medical bills at their clinic until my wound heals. I am approximately 1-1/2 years old and would love to settle into a loving home.

Phoebe is spayed and up to date on her vaccines.

About Fix ‘Ur Cat

Fix ‘Ur Cat provides a much-needed low-cost spay/neuter option in an area where there are no other low-cost options and many cats. They started informally in 2012, partnering with local vets and eventually the Animal Friends clinic in Pittsburgh to facilitate low-cost spay/neuters for cats of local community members. They had no space of their own, so they operated out of parking lots and occasionally borrowed space, meeting clients in the early morning to receive their cats, shuttle those cats to the clinic at their own expense, return to the clinic later to pick the cats up, and then meet with the cats’ caretakers to return the cats and provide post-op care instructions.

In 2014 they formalized operations as a 501(c)(3) organization and continued as they were, but the community noticed, donations increased to the point where in 2018 they were able to purchase a building for their own use. They offer services to the community while remodeling the building, and opened their own on-site surgical suite in August of 2019. They now offer surgeries both at their clinic and also still in cooperation with Animal Friends in Pittsburgh. Their goal is to continue expanding services until they are able to offer more weekly surgical slots than have ever been available for the community before. They also now offer low-cost wellness services so that everyone can afford to provide the basic care that every cat needs.

I’m grateful as always to the Homeless Cat Management Team, who I can call for the assistance to help many of these cats. And I’m grateful we can all work together to help all the cats in our neighborhood, especially to help keep them from overpopulating. Teamwork works!

And you can donate to our neighborhood group, Cubbage Hill Cats

Our little group has its own PayPal account,, so that you can donate to help us care for the community cats we serve, and that includes donations to the Homeless Cat Management Team for the veterinary care they cover for feral cats. Our cats have benefited immensely from my relationship with HCMT, and I donate personally, but I’d love for our group to be able to donate as well. The needs never stop, and we do our best to find out if they belong to anyone, and to give them whatever care they need, whether it be TNR and a shelter, veterinary care, food and love, or a ride to a shelter that will help them find a new forever home. Our name is Cubbage Hill Cats, and you can find us on PayPal at Donations are not tax-deductible because we are not a 501(c)3, but all donations will go to help the cats in our neighborhood, from TNR to rescue and foster to food for ferals.

And don’t forget—

Ebby is still up for adoption!

black cat
You and your camera.

He’s a big, friendly, armful of kitty. Denise has been taking him into her garage at night since he was neutered. During his eye treatment he’s been in her house, and she switches places with him and her cat Max. Ebby is loving it, though he is still interested in going outdoors. He’s been away for a day or two at a time since he was neutered, and each time Denise and I say again that we really want him to have his own indoor home. He got the works when he was neutered so he’s all up to date. If you can give him a good home, let me know! After kitten season is over we may look into surrendering him to one of the shelters we use just to give him a better chance.

Tootsie Anne Shirley is still waiting!

First, Marshall County Animal Shelter is the recipient of the Touchstone Award from Best Friends Animal Society this year! For a shelter that used to be picketed by people and flamed online for their cruel and inhumane conditions, they have really turned things around! They have currently closed to the public except for adoptions by appointment, for staff training in new things they’ve learned. I love to support a shelter that works this hard.

But you still need to see Tootsie Anne Shirley! The shelter has her listed for adoption—it was certainly interesting to see that familiar face. She looks a little scared but more bewildered, I’m sure it’s all been very strange for her. I had guessed her age as two to three at least because her face and body looked mature like an adult’s. The shelter has her listed as seven years old, so she would be in the mature adult category. Of course, I will follow her! And encourage you to go and adopt her!

screenshot of shelter cat
Tootsie Anne Shirley on the shelter’s Facebook page.

You can also find her on Petfinder.


Phone: 304-845-9770



Screenshot of Emery’s listing.

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