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Cats for Adoption: Andi, G.G. and S.B

Right now, my name is G.G.
gray cat
This is their mom, Andi.
gray kitten
Two kittens playing on ladder.

A ragdoll kitten? Other friends in another neighborhood near me whose house backs on woods and a conservation area have already adopted two of their cats from the woods, and they’ve rescued others as well. Now a young mama cat and two kittens have been eating on the porch.

The other kitten is a gray tabby and not quite as social as this one, the mama kitty is another gray kitty and very friendly. They called for advice and brought in all three, given them veterinary care and spay and neuter and they are up for adoption.

“We’ve been calling the white kitten G.G. for Ghost Girl and the gray one S.B. for Shadow Boy.   We’re kind of waiting to verify the sexes before giving them real names.”

gray kitten
This is S.B., or Shadow Boy.

It’s kind of these people who have been a good steward of cats in their neighborhood to take care of cats and their kittens who’ve apparently been left in the woods. This feline family is in Scott Township, PA. If you are interested, please contact me.

tabby and white cat

Thanks for your kindness…

“We got a call about a possibly deaf kitty living outside living on scraps in Bloomfield. Volunteers went and found Ellwood, a frail but friendly guy we immediately fell in love with. He was deaf, had horrible teeth, was emaciated and is elderly. He died of natural causes, but we are lucky he spent his last few months with us warm, happy and most of all loved.”

One of many cats rescued and cared for by compassionate people.


cat shelters
25 cat shelters in one day!

Wonder how those cat shelters turned out?

The group made 25 shelters in one day! Amazing! Most are for a feral colony north of Pittsburgh who have no shelters at all, and others will be delivered here and there around the city where there is a need.

Thanks to those of you who donated for materials!

. . . . . . .

How you can help homeless cats and their caretakers

Holiday Cheer for Homeless Cats and Their Caretakers
Holiday Cheer for Homeless Cats and Their Caretakers

Ellwood isn’t the only abandoned senior kitty who’s been rescued and shown great compassion in his last days by these rescuers and Frankie’s Friends. And providing winter shelter and food for cats living outdoors is one of the missions of Frankie’s Friends as well.

From the rescues taken in to find another home to the cats who end up living outdoors because there is no home for them dedicated individuals volunteer their time, expertise and money to feed and provide shelter for all these cats, in all seasons, every day of the year. Right now we are headed for the often deadly winter months where sturdy straw-filled shelters are needed to be built and maintained for cats living outdoors, and often critical emergency veterinary care is needed for kittens born in the cold, and cats suffering injuries caused by or made worse by wintery weather along with the usual street injuries and, unfortunately, abuse.

Click here to find out how you can help, and I’ll give you a gift when you do!

All photos courtesy the cats’ foster homes.

And read about other kittens and adult cats who are looking for homes.

And if you haven’t seen the story yet of the feral cat colony who inhabits the creche in the outdoor manger scene, click here to see photos!

Browse some rescued cats and kittens!

cats for adoption


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4 thoughts on “Cats for Adoption: Andi, G.G. and S.B

  • Ellwood’s story is really heartbreaking. So glad he had someone in the end.

    How wonderful that the volunteers built so many cat shelters for the ferals. It’s amazing what a handful of people determined to be kind can do.

    • I’m so glad someone organized all the rescuers, well, sort of–but what everyone can do now that we can communicate up to the minute is amazing, both for Ellwood and for things like building shelters.

  • Ellwood’s face just broke my heart. I’m so thankful he knew love at the end of his life.

    • Chris, Ellwood touched a lot of hearts. How he lived until they got him, I have no idea.


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