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A Special Award in the Cat Writers’ Association 2017 Communications Contest

Bowie and kittens

Last summer I wrote an article for Pet Radio Show outlining most of the possible scenarios where kittens are found and what to consider for each one, then how to decide what is best to do. In March I learned that article had won a Certificate of Excellence, and in June I learned it had also won a MUSE™ Medallion as well as a Special Award: the Hartz™ Milk Replacement for Kittens Award, a high honor separate from the Certificates of Excellence and Muse Medallions.

Special Awards

Special Awards are sponsored by agencies, organizations, individuals, corporations and manufacturers for a specific subject area. Articles submitted for a special award must be submitted in a regular category first, and are judged separately by an agent from the sponsor. Each one has a different award which might be cash and/or a commemorative item or plaque.

Muse Medallions

The MUSE™ Medallion is awarded to the entry in each category receiving the highest average score from three independent judges. All judges are volunteers and are Professional CWA members. To become eligibile for a MUSE™ Medallion, each entry listed here has received an average score of at least 90, and has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence.

Certificates of Excellence

Each entry was independently judged by 3 Professional CWA members. Winning a Certificate of Excellence means that the average of those three judges’ scores for the entry is 90 or above — a high bar to cross!

Below are the winning entries. Click on the titles or images to read more about each one.

Online Article: Rescue/Advocacy

The Kitten Game, Pet Radio Show

Special Award: the Hartz™ Milk Replacement for Kittens Award

MUSE™ Medallion

Certificate of Excellence

Bowie and kittens

I knew from my resources and from experience that I’d written up what I had been given as best practices, and also what I’d given others as best practices, and knew it had worked for kittens and moms. I was thrilled to find it endorsed by an awarding organization. Here are the judge’s remarks:

Spending a large amount of my time on the phone assisting residents with free roaming cat issues I can tell you how I sink back in my chair when within the first few minutes of a phone call, I hear those words, “The mother and her kittens…” Bernadette’s entry includes everything one needs to hear in a very accurate and professional manner. Now if only I could record it and say to those clients calling in, “Hold please, I’m going to play a recording for you to listen to.”

Reading the onslaught of “found kitten” postings on Facebook and seeing how many people take them far too young and to anyone who wants them, and leave the mother behind able to continue reproducing more kittens and possibly in danger, I feel compelled to share the information so others can use it. Because the article was published on Pet Radio Show I’m including the link to the article so you can go there to read it.

I am proud to enter my work in the annual Communications Contest given by the Cat Writers’ Association. I have entered materials in this contest since 2007 when I won my first awards. This very blog won a Muse Medallion for entertainment in the 2011, 2013, and 2016 and a Certificate of Excellence in the 2015 Communications Contests along with a number of articles, photos, and pieces of artwork.


Annual or Long Publication

Rescue, Foster, Rehome, Repeat 2018: Pittsburgh C.A.T. Calendar

MUSE™ Medallion

Certificate of Excellence

Pittsburgh CAT Calendar cover.
Pittsburgh CAT Calendar cover.

Online Article: Rescue/Advocacy

TNR With a Side of Adoption and Outreach, Pet Radio Show

Certificate of Excellence

All three kittens came out at the same time.
All three kittens came out at the same time.

Illustration (Series)

Book cover illustration and design: Klepto Cat Mysteries 21-26

Certificate of Excellence


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