Can’t You Fix This?

cat in snow on deck
Can't You Fix This?

Cookie is losing her patience with this winter thing. It used to be okay, she used to enjoy plowing through snow and getting it all over her fur, but her 18-year-old paws are in no mood for ice and snow this year. She is disappointed daily by finding that the cold temperatures and snow remain, not only on the deck and in the back yard, but on the front porch and front yard as well. Can’t this useless human just make one of them a little warmer?


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2 thoughts on “Can’t You Fix This?

  • December 27, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Tell Cookie it’ll be considerably warmer later this week-end. Supposedly 50 on Saturday. Okay, so it might rain, but it’ll be practically T-shirt weather! What a way for an elder kitty to greet the new year.


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