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Blog the Change for Animals: Rescue, Rehome, Repeat

calico cat on slide
She is missing that hind leg on this side, but seems at home on the slide!

This very pretty calico kitty is a stray who showed up in someone’s back yard—and she’s a tripod, missing her right hind leg. It doesn’t stop her from getting around though! When a senior kitty missing one hind leg shows up in the back yard, friendly, affectionate, social, seemingly in good physical condition, you tend to think she belongs to someone. A person who cared enough to care for a cat and have a leg amputated—injury? cancer? birth defect?—would likely be a person who cared deeply for the cat. And yet this cat showed up out of nowhere in a woman’s back yard, and continued coming back for weeks.

It seemed no one was looking for the cat so the woman took the kitty to the Animal Rescue League to check for a chip, but there was none. The Animal Rescue League staff said she is probably around 10 or 11 years old and advised she would not do well at the shelter, she would be euthanized. The woman took her back home with her, and the kitty currently has access to the woman’s garage and enjoys hanging the yard and playing with the kids.

Kitty will be going to a vet this Friday October 17 for an exam, FIV/FeLV tests, vaccinations and any other treatment she might need, and she will be up for adoption. A foster home had been found, but fell through, so now this nice kitty needs a foster home and a real home!

calico cat
The pretty calico sits on the steps and seems at home.

Right now the woman will continue to care for her on her deck and provide her shelter and food, but due to an older cat in the house she cannot bring her in. But this pretty calico needs a warm and safe place for winter, even a great farm where she access to a tack room would work.

If you can provide a temporary place for her, that would be a big help too. A business where PittsburghCAT had trapped a cat and taken it for fostering, in thanks for helping with the situation, actually donated toward this calico kitty’s anticipated veterinary bill of $92. If you’d like to donate as well, you can send it to Margo or to Bridgeville Animal Hospital.

Remember, as we celebrate this feral cats this week, all cats deserve care and compassion!

This is “Blog the Change Day”

Blog the ChangeThis is the day we pet bloggers affirm that we are working for the good of all animals and show support for people helping animals in need each 15th of January, April, July and October. We write about a cause near and dear to our heart and hope readers share their comments and ideas. I couldn’t even begin to share all the rescue stories that pass by me every day from all the people out there on the streets who rescue ill and injured animals and provide spay/neuter and veterinary care for cats who are homeless through no fault of their own.

Read the good stories and the sad stories and know it’s all to do good for animals.

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4 thoughts on “Blog the Change for Animals: Rescue, Rehome, Repeat

  • Wonderful post – I’ll be pulling for this kitty and I hope that she gets what she needs.

    Thank you for joining us to blog the change for animals!


    • AJ, thanks so much! AFter two people who were interested decided they could not even foster her, she has a forever home! I will update soon.

    • Chris, what an amazing cat to go through what’s apparent and still be a nice girl!


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