Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Big Sister is Watching You

black cat looking down from shelf
Mewsette is Watching

Mewsette likes high places. This shelf is nearly nine feet off the floor and used to hold some larger trailing houseplants that got a lot of sunlight from the window at the top of the stairs. Now it holds Mewsette. When the first plant landed loudly on the floor and turned into quite a mess, I moved them all to other places.

She’s discovered she can launch herself from the top of a small armoire and will sometimes spend the entire day up there, especially in the winter when heat rises and is trapped in the corner I imagine it’s quite cozy. I knew she liked to be up there, but the first few times she decided to spend the day there I ran around the house in a panic trying to find her.

Jelly Bean will sometimes venture up there with her, but for all their swaggering neither Mr. Sunshine nor Giuseppe will try it. I’m not unhappy about that.


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2 thoughts on “Big Sister is Watching You

  • Amby

    Mewsette takes after her older brothers, Angus and Donal. They each have their own favorite high spots in the house. Occasionally one or the other will decide that I’m the perfect launching pad. Usually I am given some warning, but sometimes it’s a surprise when one of them leaps onto my back or shoulder on his way to a spot as near the ceiling as that little heat-seeker can manage.

    • Amby, that’s one thing your generation has all over this one! I can’t imagine, though, you’re not that big, so their aim must be excellent!

      I remember Lucy LOVED to be up near the ceiling in any way, and I had to be careful of the ceiling fans. In any room where I would settle to work for a while, she would find the highest spot and observe me from there. Of this generation, only Mewsette spends time in high places, though they’ve all explored most of them, and Jelly Bean likes to balance on the edge of the closet door when I have it open (they’re not allowed in there).

      Giuseppe enjoys the challenge of jumping on my back when I’m leaning over or my shoulders when I’m standing, and when he gets there I can tell by his dancing paws and big purr that he’s really pleased with himself.


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