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Animalcouriers: Moving Pets All Around Europe and Beyond

Mimi demanded pets before opening the package.
Mimi demanded pets before opening the package.

Mimi was intrigued by a special package we received from France! And it wasn’t for Giuseppe Verdi.

From Europe! Addressed in French!
From Europe! Addressed in French!

The return address was in France too!

The mysterious return address in France.
The mysterious return address in France.

Moving pets around can be a complicated activity, and how you choose to transport animals depends not only on the pets themselves but also on where you are start and where you end up. Regulations vary from state to state, set by state departments of agriculture or health or environment or other agencies.

When my niece and her children adopted Simon and Theo I began immediately looking into options to get them to Savannah. Sending them alone on a plane was out. I considered driving, but decided it was too far when I hadn’t ever driven that distance alone. I checked planes, trains and buses, but I could only take one pet per person with me in the passenger area and there were two kittens. I looked into three different animal transport groups who work with volunteer drivers who undertake a portion of a route and stop in cities along the way, often transporting rescued cats and dogs from a shelter to a rescue, foster home or an adopter. I also learned a trusted rescue friend’s relative would be driving past where I live and ending up in Savannah, but by then I had secured the drive down with my friend and a plane ticket back, which was what I really wanted to do.

That was a lot of planning and a lot of choices, but as our circles grow larger and pets can be adopted worldwide, or people move from one country to another for work or family, safe transport for pets is a part of our lives.

Animalcouriers logo.
Animalcouriers logo.

Several years ago I began following the blog for a European animal transport business called Animalcouriers which moves pets not only from one city to another but from one country to another, back and forth and up and down around Europe and the UK. I really enjoyed reading the stories of people who were moving from one place to another, being stationed in another city for military service, going on extended vacations and also of pets being adopted and traveling to their new forever home. Likewise the photos of cities in Spain and France and Greece, Italy and Scotland, reading the names of people and pets, and getting an understanding of how animal rescue and care and welfare are handled in all those countries.

They have special vans equipped to transport a large number of pets including cats, dogs, birds, livestock, reptiles, exotic species and more, and staff are experienced in animal welfare, animal handling and training and specialized veterinary services. They know all about all the regulations within and between countries, and a lot of languages!

One of the kitties Animalcouriers has moved, from their website.
One of the kitties Animalcouriers has moved, from their website.

At the beginning of this year they unveiled a brand new mobile-friendly website with updated information, and a the chance to win prizes by being the first to like or comment or have a comment they liked among the early comments, and a quiz based on questions about animals in their transports. I couldn’t answer any of the questions in the quiz, and I don’t often comment on blogs because to take the time to comment on all the ones I read each day would take the whole day. But I do comment now and then and thought I’d just leave a note to say how much I enjoyed following their travels.

You have been busy! The site looks great, very user-friendly and nice to look at. I’ve been working on one for me and one for a customer, so I know the work you’ve put into this.

I don’t get a chance to tell you how much I enjoy following you around Europe while I am here in the US. It’s so interesting to follow animal care and rescue in other countries. You are amazing for doing what you do. I’ve always wondered how many languages everyone speaks? Keep it up in 2016!

I was thrilled to learn I’d won a prize! they liked my comment.

The Animalcouriers 2016 calendar.
The Animalcouriers 2016 calendar.

Thanks so much Annie and all the people at Animalcouriers! You’ll see the calendar in photos of my desk, right above the house panthers.

The calendar at my desk.
The calendar at my desk.


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3 thoughts on “Animalcouriers: Moving Pets All Around Europe and Beyond

  • What a lovely post Bernadette. Thank you. Travelling with animals or moving big distances can be a headache/nightmare. We’re always happy to help, be it simply to point people in the direction of the information they need to make a move or to help with arrangements. We know how precious our passengers are.

    • Your service is so interesting, Animalcouriers. I don’t know of any here in the US that are so comprehensive. We have a few organizations of retired pilots who fly animals around and other organizations with volunteer drivers who take a leg of the trip, but nothing like what you do. What a great job!

      • It must be hard in a country the size of yours. Guess our trips round Europe pose similar distance issues. We follow a number of organisations in the US which fly rescue pets to new homes and love their services. Nothing like that here due to international borders.


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