Alex and Suzy Have Been Adopted!

two tabby cats
Alex and Suzy, a baby picture!

I’ve been following a possible adoption into wonderful home for these two, and they did indeed go home yesterday! I’ll have more information after they’ve settled in, but for all of you who were touched by and worried about these two I have to let you know they took to their their new family right away.

Carolyn, the woman who’s been handling the adoption, had a message from the woman who was interested the day I posted it on my local Patch, and it was also cross-posted in other community Patch sites around me, so the story really got around. Carolyn visited the woman in her home and checked her identification as a good rescuer should; the woman had recently lost a treasured cat and had owned and rescued cats, had a veterinarian she knew well and even had pet insurance through her employer.

Yesterday they went to visit the cats in their home, and these two cats who were obviously so frightened and confused warmed up to their new person and within a half hour she was holding each of them and giving kisses to Suzy. They easily went into the carriers and went home with their new person last night.

I told Carolyn it sounded like a fairy tale. For all the times we wish and hope and pray and twist arms for an adoptive family for a homeless pet, I wish they would all turn out like this.

Below is the original post in case you missed it.

Today, in memory of Peaches and Cream, are two more senior kitties who lost their person and have been well cared for but living alone in their person’s home. Now the home must be sold…

Please help us!  We need a new furever home.  Will you be our new mommy or daddy?

Ten years ago was the happiest day of our lives.  My twin brother Alex and I were adopted by our mommy.  She loved us sooooo much.  For over nine years she loved us, showered us with affection and we were the perfect little family.  We were her only children and she was the only mommy we ever knew.

tabby cat under bed
We were so scared!

Then one terrible day she fell down the stairs and couldn’t get up. She was there for hours.  Finally her cousin found her.  She had to go away to a nursing home and we haven’t seen her since…we are so sad, scared, confused and lonely.

Her cousin promised mommy that he would find us a home but every shelter that he has contacted has said no :-(. So for almost a year he comes over every day and makes sure we are ok.  His health is getting worse and now they need to sell the only house we’ve ever known.

Can we please come live with you? We’ll be good, we promise. Mommy said she would pay for us to get updated on our vaccinations and we come with all of our toys, dishes, litter boxes and a bunch of food and treats. Will someone please love us again the way that our mommy did? 🙁

Very sincerely,

Suzy and Alex

If you’re like me, you can’t read this without crying…and this is probably the sixth time I’ve read it.

tabby cat under bed
Alex under the bed.

Can you provide Suzy and Alex with a loving home? They are a little timid right now since they’ve been alone so long and it’s been very strange, but they are sweet, sweet kitties. And imagine how happy you’d make their mommy, who can never come home to live with them, to know that her two precious fur children are finally in a loving home again! They will be up to date on shots and exams and come with all their stuff.

cat under bed
Suzy is still a little frightened.

Ten years old! They have lots of years of love left to give!

If you can help Suzy and Alex, their mommy and their mommy’s family, email Carolyn at or call Peggy at 412 726 5651.

Please share so that we find a new home for these two! They live near Pittsburgh, PA.

Photos provided by Suzy and Alex’s family.

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4 thoughts on “Alex and Suzy Have Been Adopted!

  • September 23, 2012 at 5:49 am

    Please send a few pictures of Alex and Suzy to their last mommy. She might even be able to get the pictures by e mail. That would be so kind. I have made arrangements for my cat after I die but that doesn’t mean the plans will be carried out. The head of the local Humane Society promises if they don’t find a home for Happy Cat that she will take her. The Humane Society is getting the bulk of my small estate but there is no one or no way to see Happy is actually cared for. Seeing a few pictures will be the best medicine for Alex and Suzy’s mommy. If she gets e mail there is no cost for printing pictures and the new parents should remember some day they will be old and may have a four legged family member that they worry about night and day.

    • September 23, 2012 at 10:19 am

      Bobby, she has no means for a computer, but her family takes her photos all the time and you can be sure they’ll take her some of these! I didn’t forget about your idea of an article on planning for your cats, it’s in the works. It’s something we all need to think about.

  • September 22, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Such brilliant news that they have found a good home. We look forward to updates. You are right – it was impossible to read their story without tears but hopefully this will be their happy ending.

    • September 23, 2012 at 10:14 am

      Susan, I’m so glad it worked out this way for them!


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