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Adopted! All Five Kittens!

kittens in cat bed
All the kittens together on a play date.

I’m so happy to tell that all five of these kittens found happy and loving forever homes. Their rescuers went through went through many calls and visits and false alarms before the best homes were found, but these kittens have now found their own humans to charm and manipulate.

Their moms, Lilly and Xena, are still up for adoption, read about them here!

A little bit of background…

First there was Mama Lilly, who was “chasing the local free-spirit (B-Boy) off his favorite porch around the corner,” and “making a mess all over [the neighbor’s] house” according to the neighbor, but Mama Lilly had a reason for all this—a few days later came the birth announcement, “OMG, she has kittens!”

Then, not two weeks later, another black kitty turned up at the same house, under the same porch, this time with kittens in tow, panting in the heat.

These two girls could be sisters, the kittens could have all the same fathers, but one thing for sure—they are all looking for good homes. Both are excellent mama cats and very sweet-tempered and loving. Perhaps they are also very happy to be inside with their kittens.

Photos provided by the rescuers.

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6 thoughts on “Adopted! All Five Kittens!

  • I am like Jetty…doing my HAPPY DANCE that those kittehs have furrever homes! High Paws all around, Savannah

    • Us too Savvy! I remember the days of giving the big sales pitch for kittens to select friends and co-workers! They did a great job.

  • Yay what nice news that all the kittens have found homes!!!! Now fingers crossed that the lovely mums get safe and loving homes….they deserve them 🙂

  • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Bernadette.

    Doing the happy Jetty dance! Whoo hoo, 5 adopted, 2 Moms to go!


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