Thursday, February 29, 2024
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A Visiting Artist

man with black cat
Chaz visits, looking for hidden cats

Giuseppe makes sure he gets ALL the attention from our visitor. Perhaps he wants to be sketched by Chaz and have other black kitties hidden in him?

I featured Chaz a few months ago in Creating With Cats. He has had hidden animal drawings featuring cats for years (guy knows what’s good for him, featuring cats first, and in more than one drawing), but he also showed me a few hidden dog drawings in different breeds he’ll be featuring at the upcoming dog show and they are very clever, I really liked them, especially the Boxer.

Chaz is working on a new idea for his hidden-animal ink sketches and stopped over for me to help him set up the art for the project. While I had my hands and attention on the keyboard, Mimi, Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine all twirled around acting as cute as could be and got their share of attention, but Giuseppe decided to get on Chaz’s lap, thereby being closest to both hands.

Being on the road with shows most of the year, Chaz doesn’t have any pets of his own, but the big ginger neighborhood cat, Sammie, stops by for a visit every so often, hangs out for a while, then asks to go back outside. It looked to me as if he was used to petting cats all day long.

So will we see hidden black kitties in Chaz’s next drawings? Guess we’ll have to see! If so, perhaps I’ll feature those nice dog drawings and a few other new animals…


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