Sunday, April 14, 2024

A Visit from Aunt Lisa

woman holding tortoiseshell cat
Lisa cuddles Cookie.

We had a visitor today! Another lap to sit on , another pair of arms to cuddle and hands to pet! Never mind that Lisa DiGioia-Nutini from Mexico Lindo was here to help me with my wireless router installation and setting up my network, her first visit was with all the cats in the house—with the exception of Kelly who was visiting Narnia at the time. Even thought the black cats greeted her, Cookie comes first, and I don’t need to explain why.

Cookie has been feeling WONDERFUL lately, and lately once again manages to get herself up onto and into her favorite places, like my desk. The best thing about Cookie is that she’s always been one of the friendliest kitties I’ve ever known, and while she doesn’t always like to be held, a nice wool sweater, lots of hair and arms accustomed to older kitties will convince her a big extended hug is worth her time. Feels like mom? Maybe so. Lisa was rewarded with Cookie’s nice round rolling purr as she watched my computer load things. I know tortoiseshell kitties generally have an attitude, and Cookie and even Kelly can act as if they do, but they really don’t. I’ve included a little slide show below  of Cookie visiting with Lisa and getting her cuddles, and then the Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four had their visit with Aunt Lisa as well!

four black cats and woman
The three boys practically shoved each other out of the way for attention, Mewsette needs to show some restraint.

When you approach my door, be certain that you are being watched. And that when you enter the door, you must greet the cats first, only then can you talk to me. The Four watched Lisa get out of her car and walk up to the door, then come inside! Once I opened the door it was all good, and the boys raced to the end of the table for attention from our visitor. Mewsette is a deep thinker and needed to ponder the situation and study Lisa, as you can see. It’s hard to tell there are three black cats there, but trust me, they can pack themselves into a space suited for one cat. Lisa did get to see Mimi, but the photo wasn’t good.

Here’s a little slideshow of them watching Lisa approach, then greeting, then getting a little gift!


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