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A Reply from Verona

black cat at window with candle
Mlle. Daisy sends her tidings to her love.
Giuseppe, my dearest, my American opera star, my beloved ~

I am here in Verona, on the edge of the lake, this snowy night.  It is very beautiful…..  Snow falling and Mama’s lights all back up and casting soft light on our little country home. I am hoping you are warm and safe, and purrrrrrhaps even thinking of me, your faithful Mlle, tonight.

You know — do you know? — that Mama, Theo and I had a terrible experience nearly two weeks ago….  Papa was in the big city called Toronto… the same city in which Mama and I began our life together. Brave Jimmy carried Theo and I to safety in his truck (where his dog!!!! Bear and his kitty Rudyard Kipling waited that frightening morning) in the freezing rain….. oh, Giuseppe, so much smoke and Mama so frightened…. Theo and I had to be brave and not cry so that our Mama would be brave too.

But now we are safe in our pretty home again…..  Mama seems more able to sleep, but I know she wakes at any noise, still. (It will be better when Papa returns.  I feel safe just knowing that Mama is here and will save my brother and I if any other calamity befalls us here in Frontenac.  Theo knows that too…. Mama has cared for us for a long time.)

So now I am going to cuddle up with Mama and Theo in the big French bed.  We are all tired and want to be cozy and watch the snow fall from the sky.

I send love, as always, and remind you that I am here, in the quiet of the country. But that doesn’t mean I do not look out the big west window each day and dream of you, my dearest Giuseppe.  Have you thought of me today?

I send love to your family too.  To Mama Mimi and Lady Emeraude, and your brothers and dear sister Mewsette who looks so much like me.  (Theo is worried that I will forget to send his special salutation to Mr. Sunshine.  He hopes and hopes that one day Mr. Sunshine will drive up in Mama Bernadette’s pink car….. he imagines how pretty it would look parked out in our driveway!  And, of course, Mr. Sunshine would just have to bring you along.  Otherwise, my feline heart would break.)

And love to your beautiful Mama Bernadette.  Be sure to tell her I send my love. And so does my Mama.  And Theo too.

Goodnight my dearest Giuseppe.
I shall listen for your song on the wind, coming across the great river in Kingston and up to Rock Lake.

black cat
Daisy Emerald looking sweet surrounded by lace.

Purrrrrrrrrrrs & nuzzles from your Mlle.

. . . . . . .

Giuseppe will reply as soon as he regains consciousness. It’s enough to drive a good cat to heavy catnip use.

black cat with catnip toy.
Giuseppe today…still using.

Read about Mlle. Daisy Emerald and the long-distance affaire between the mature French-Canadian feline lady and the young American opera star.

They so enjoy writing florid Victorian-style letters to each other; most recently Giuseppe bid Mlle. ‘Bonne Fête’

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  • Oh! Mes loves the picture and mes LOVES the story! As a older lady cat, mes loves younger man cats too! Oh Yes, mes lives way out in the Westernmost Canadian Province!

  • Nancy Blue Moon

    Ah Giuseppe..Love is so bittersweet young man..


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