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15 to 20 Dogs Found Dead, BCHS Offers Reward

Bags of evidence at the Beaver County Humane Society
Bags of evidence at the Beaver County Humane Society

Beaver County Humane Society has offered a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for the dogs found in Hopewell Township-seeks community support.

Monaca, PA, April 21, 2015– Between 15 to 20 dogs were found dead on a hillside in Hopewell Township morning. The Beaver County Humane Society (BCHS), along with members of the Hopewell Township Volunteer Fire Department and the Hopewell Township Police Department, recovered the bodies of the dogs and are investigating this gruesome discovery.

“This is an ongoing Police Investigation,” says BCHS Executive Director Susan Salyards. “Some of the bodies have been decomposing a long time. We believe some might have even washed away in the river. This is the most horrifying humane investigation case I have ever been part of. We also think that the person or persons responsible have been involved in this depravity for a long time.”

BCHS has a commitment to promote kindness and respect for all living creatures throughout Beaver County. They are offering a reward of $250 to anyone with information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the guilty person(s) and justice for these innocent dogs. This is why they are asking for YOUR help. The phone number for information tips is 724-775-5801 x 110. If animal lovers across our area would like to help but have no information, please donate directly to the Humane Investigation Fund of the Beaver County Humane Society.  Your donation will help them bring justice to those nameless dogs found yesterday in the rain.  To donate, visit our website at

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Susan Salyards at 724-775-5801 x 106 or email at [email protected].

Since 1950, the Beaver County Humane Society has been committed to helping animals in the Beaver County area. Sixty-five years later, more than 4,000 animals receive comfort and care each year.

This press release was provided by the Beaver County Humane Society.

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2 thoughts on “15 to 20 Dogs Found Dead, BCHS Offers Reward

  • B…since this is your blog, I wont type what I feel should happen to the ***** ** ****
    that did this. I hope they are found and prosecuted ….and then….and this is where I need to
    end this……..laura

    • Laura, the worst thing is another situation was found in the next county over as well. Years ago when this happened in another semi-rural community it turned out to be dogs picked up on the roads dumped by public works. A friend and I found one that had a collar and tags. I hope they catch the SOB, whoever it is.


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