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Your Backyard Wildlife Habitat: Begin in Spring to Control Fleas

FLEAS, LIKE MOST OTHER INSECTS, live everywhere around us and it’s how we manage our surroundings that helps to control their populations. Like managing mosquitoes, for instance, by eliminating still pools of water where they can breed, you can also manage the flea population around your yard without the use

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Featured Artwork: Bison and Whooping Cranes and Polar Bears, Oh My!

Did you know this was National Wildlife Week? Now you do. Even though I began my art career sketching and painting my cats, once the door to my creative abilities had been opened I soon found other animals to be my subjects as well, including other animals considered pets and,

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Your Backyard Wildlife Habitat: It’s the Great Backyard Bird Count!

IT’S THE WEEKEND for the Great Backyard Bird Count, one of the largest citizen-science projects for species tracking in the country! If, as I am, you are concerned about all the articles citing declining songbird species and putting the blame on cats in general, especially stray and feral cats, this is

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Help Save Cats, guest post from the Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit that funds studies to improve veterinary science. It works to help dogs, horses, wildlife, and cats, of course!  Morris’ studies have helped to improve cat health in some of the following ways: Discovered a better diet for diabetic cats Researched how to keep cats

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Your Backyard Wildlife Habitat: Join in the Christmas Bird Count

AS PART OF maintaining our Backyard Wildlife Habitats we widen our scope to the urban, suburban and rural areas around us to count birds as part of another citizen-science project, initiated in 1900 in response to an annual sporting hunt that slaughtered game birds and songbirds alike as well as

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Born Free, Part 2

The circus is in town. One group of friends bought tickets to attend, another group protested the performance yesterday. I have never seen a circus, nor have I ever been interested in seeing one. I’d love to see the animals but not wild creatures dressed in silly costumes and expected

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Daily Photo: Our Winter Bunny

The dark curved object you see at the bottom is the back of Mimi’s head and her ears. You can see what she’s watching. Each year around this time a juvenile bunny moves into our yard, pretty well grown up now and ready to winter over to be ready for

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September 28 is World Rabies Day

It’s not so long ago that rabid animals, especially roaming dogs because they were pets who came into the home and were part of everyday life with humans, presented a great health peril in this country from infection with rabies. Many people died from the disease before treatment was available—a

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Daily Photo Reprise: What Was That?! 2012

They were practically leaping through the window, craning their necks watching something outside. I knew it couldn’t be a human or human activity, they’d never be that interested! And my desk would soon be a mess if a cat was approaching our porch. I stood up to see, and it

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Daily Photo Reprise:The Chipmunk Drama, 2012

An exciting moment in the lives of three black cats. Mimi was already at the window, Mr. Sunshine joined her and Giuseppe leaped off my lap when she sent out the wordless, soundless signal that only cats can understand that something was outside on the porch that needed to be

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