Saturday, December 2, 2023

cat greeting cards

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Featured Artwork: Mewsette is on the Afghan, and a Whole Lot of Other Things!

Mewsette nearly blends in with the afghan. Even though I sketched her there in February, the bright colors and warm

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animal sympathy cardscat artworkcat paintingcat photographsDaily Featuregreeting cardsmarketplaceSampler Box

Marketplace: July 2016 Feline Sampler Box

My July 2016 Feline Sampler Box is full of the colors and events of summer, and art and photos that

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animal artworkblack catscat artworkcat paintingcatsDaily Featurefeatured artworkfeline artworklinoleum block printmarketplacevalentine

Featured Artwork: Hand-printed Valentine Cards (Purr-sonally Inspected By Discerning Black Cats)

I usually print these little linocuts in earth tones or “tabby colors”, but I’ve been itching to use brights and

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