Friday, December 1, 2023

cat christmas cards

animal artworkblack catscat merchandisecatschristmasDaily Featurefeatured artwork

“Star of Wonder” Holiday Card

We have a very special card for you to consider for your holiday greetings. We don’t really celebrate any one

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animal artworkanimal sympathy cardsblack catscat merchandisecatschristmasDaily Featurefeatured artworkgreeting cards

It’s Almost Time for Meow-lo-ween, and Madame Mewsette and the Three Witches!

As an artist I turn to my surroundings for creative output, and what better to do with a family of

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animal artworkblack catscat merchandisecatschristmasfeatured artworkmarketplace

“Star of Wonder” Garden Flag

You’ve seen me use daily sketches for new designs for merchandise, but I’ve also used daily photos. The back story

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