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Daily Photo Reprise: Those Luminous Eyes, 2010

We’ve all used this quote, but living in a house with five black cats it’s abundantly clear. Mewsette and Giuseppe give you the full force of their green and gold eyes. Who can believe there is no soul behind those luminous eyes? ~Théophile Gautier Gautier also had several black cats

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Daily Photo: In the Round

Mimi and Giuseppe watch out the upstairs window on a gray morning made colorful by the “tint” filer on my Smartphone. The colors landed perfectly, and another moment of beauty I will remember. . . . . . . . We are part of the Caturday Art Blog Hop .

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Your Backyard Wildlife Habitat: Join in the Christmas Bird Count

AS PART OF maintaining our Backyard Wildlife Habitats we widen our scope to the urban, suburban and rural areas around us to count birds as part of another citizen-science project, initiated in 1900 in response to an annual sporting hunt that slaughtered game birds and songbirds alike as well as

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Daily Photo: Bella’s Best Idea

“Here, try using this mousie,” said Bella as she offered me her cherished white fleece mousie, “if it makes working any easier or more fun.” In the kitchen doing business, I was also cooking lunch/dinner, which is my big meal of the day, making phone calls, sending and answering emails

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Daily Photo Reprise: Mr. Sunshine’s Big Plan, 2010

Are we headed on a little shopping trip, Mr. Sunshine? Going to buy gifts for your family and me? Things don’t always turn out according to Mr. Sunshine’s plan, but then, I’m not entirely convinced he plans things. When he gets an idea, he’s ready to roll, like today when

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Daily Photo: Snuggled All Safe in Their Baskets and Box

Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean and Mewsette are happily snuggled into their respective cat container. The lights provide a bit of warming light. After Jelly Bean got up to go and do cat things, or cuddle with Bella, Smokie took his place in the box, which is looking more battered every

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Wordless Wednesday: Bella and a Few Friends

Browse some rescued cats and kittens—or browse here or visit PittsburghCAT! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in using one in a print or internet publication.

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Daily Photo: Mixing It Up With Mr. Sunshine

Smokie was happy enough on my work table snoopervising me, but you can see on his little face that he’s thinking how much better it would all be if he could be snoozing in the basket. The problem was that Mr. Sunshine was in the basket. I thought nothing of

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Daily Photo: They’ve Got a Thing Going On

Bella LOVES the wool granny afghan. When she’s not watching birds or spending time in the kitchen or studio with us, this is usually where I find her. And often, lately, I find Bean too. The two of them cuddle with Bean using Bella as a pillow, and they sleep

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Daily Photo: Our Daily Bread

Little Smokie does whatever the ninjas tell him to do because they are usually right, but he’s not so sure Bean was serious when he told Smokie he should taste the flour! It was another Saturday in the kitchen, and bread and soup day. Another dark, rainy, sleety cold Saturday,

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