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Daily Photo Reprise: I Thought I’d Make the Bed, 2011

Every day it’s a race to get upstairs before they do so I can flip up the sheet and quilt and cover the pillows. Why? I just like it that way. Gone are the days when I used to do this as soon as I got up; I just don’t

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Daily Photo: A Very Busy Monday for Kittens and Cats

Kittens on kitchen duty! Smokie and Bella took their turn supervising me as I took care of some work and social networking. Mimi, in the background had set them up then took a break to have a little bath. She watches a little bird TV as the two get accustomed

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Daily Photo: Patiently Waiting for Dinner

Silly thing to do, filming my cats, especially when I should have been simply preparing their dinner! Tonight’s photo/sketch/whatever is the poster-edges image above and a short video I took in the kitchen just now, embedded below. The photo above is much like yesterday’s daily photo so I had to

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Daily Photo: Easy Sunday For Bella

Bella has the bed all to herself, something that has never happened before! She won’t pass up an opportunity for a comfy nap, even to come downstairs and watch birds. What other photos did I feature on this date? . What Is Sunshine Thinking?, 2013 What do you think Mr.

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Daily Photo Reprise: Studio Cats Working Hard

Bean takes advantage of all the color-balanced lights to make certain his little white thong is sparkling clean. I have different uses for my studio accommodations and all the lights I’ve installed, but on a cool rainy day I’m outnumbered in there. Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine permitted me a

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Little Miracles

We had a toasty and good-smelling kitchen this Saturday, and Smokie decided to just be one of the gang and settle in with the cuddle on the cabinet. His bold curiosity, his courtesy to the ninjas, and confidence in piling down with Giuseppe and Mimi as I cooked and cleaned

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Daily Photo: Forming New Patterns, a Two-year Retrospective

Mewsette has been exploring a medium closely-related to cardboard: fome-core. It’s stiff styrofoam coated on both sides by two-ply paper that I use to back my artwork when framing, so there’s quite a bit of the stuff around. Of course, the talented and inquisitive Mewsette would find a piece and

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Daily Photo: Kitty Sorrows

Is Giuseppe considering drowning a few kitty sorrows in a glass of white wine? He certainly doesn’t look too happy. What is it—Mlle. so far away? Bored with life here? What could a cat who has everything be unhappy about? Or is it just his moody artistic nature? He wasn’t

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Daily Photo Reprise: Share the Love, 2010

If you’ve been reading The Creative Cat for any length of time you’ve seen this photo before. It’s one of my favorites, for obvious reasons—who wouldn’t love the sweet fragile 20-year-old Peaches with her perfect head tilt, and the big, young and handsome three-year-old Giuseppe by her side. He wasn’t

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Mutations in Cats’ Eyes Help Study Human Eye Diseases

It’s always good to hear that studies of felines can help studies of human health as well—with no harm to the kitty, and actually only benefit. There’s a link at the end for the 99 Lives Cat Genome Sequencing Initiative. . . . . . . . 99 Lives Cat

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