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Mimi is thankful for the warm sun pouring into the window, and the home that is hers forever. I am thankful for Mimi in my life, and all she has brought to me. And more blessings than I can enumerate here. All around us are blessings, even if they may

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Wordless Wednesday: Smokie Silhouette

Browse some rescued cats and kittens—or browse here or visit PittsburghCAT! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in using one in a print or internet publication.

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Daily Photo: Lucky Squirrel

The squirrel is kind of hard to see out there camouflaged in the leaves, but Bella and Mimi have no problem at all seeing the little bird feeder destroyer, and apparently she can see them as well. She stopped and looked at them, possibly not noticing there was a window

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Daily Photo: Only Yesterday

Only yesterday the sun shone warm on my fur and the windows were open to the breeze, leaves tossed in the wind and birds were everywhere. But we have the feeling it was the last warm day. So we all gathered upstairs and took our turns at the open window

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Daily Photo Reprise: Two-pack, Four-pack, Just As Sweet, 2010

It looks like a two-pack to me, but the girls pack enough sweetness for a four-pack. And remember, Cookie’s original name was “chocolate”, even before it was Chocolate Chip Cookie! She and Kelly each, like most torties, had a lot of chocolate tones in their fur. These are a two-pack

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Daily Photo: The Magic Basket

Mewsette experiences the ambiance within the basket. She needs time and space to fully appreciate its depths. And without the canvas liner, she’d also be finding its inner essence and interpreting its being. Today it’s all about baskets. I placed one of my biggest display baskets—it’s actually a laundry basket

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Daily Photo Reprise: Something in the Geraniums, 2011

Cookie never ceased to amaze me…from November 2011. I finally carried my geraniums inside this weekend with the warning of freezing temperatures, and look what I discovered in one of them! A Cookie! She was probably cold and drawn to the lamp, which is nice and warm. Mind you, she

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Daily Photo: So Funny!

Of course, it’s really a yawn though it looks like a laugh. Kitten yawns are just about the cutest thing on earth, no matter what else they look like! We’re participating in Selfie Sunday with Cat On My Head! . . . . . . . What other photos did

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Oh Very Young…2010

I first posted this in November 2010, a month after we had lost Peaches, but we still had our senior tortie team Cookie and Kelly who got the Senior Tortie Lunch Special each day; technically, they were geriatric, older than seniors. Mewsette, who was three years old at the time,

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Daily Photo Reprise: Who’ll Stop the Rain? 2011

On a rainy November afternoon in 2011, Cookie was so unhappy with the cold wet rain that she decided to make fun of my habit of quoting lyrics and titles from  pop songs. I’m not sure which of us was acting more absurd: her for wandering around in the rain,

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