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Daily Photo: Meet Josephine

No, the universe did not bring me a new tortie cat for my birthday! Josephine was found offered “free to a good home” on a Facebook neighborhood site. You may remember last summer the kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean who were trapped and rescued with terrible URIs but nursed back

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Colorful Kelly

This sketch totally surprised me—I’d never done a thing like it before. Inspired by Kelly awaking from a nap on my desk I’d been about to try out these watercolor pencils while she was sleeping. I discovered that what I thought was black was navy blue and decided to go

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Daily Photo Reprise: Cuddling, 2011

The weather is unpredictable, and my tortie girls were glad I tossed the old flannel bathrobe back on the table for them to cuddle into as the sleet clicks against the windows. My senior girls aren’t terribly close but they certainly don’t mind each others’ company when the weather turns

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Daily Photo Reprise: Al Fresco, 2011

Today we have frozen slush, but also good memories! We’ve been going outside every day all winter long, but Cookie found the snow and ice just weren’t fun anymore on her 19-year-old paws, so we mostly stayed on the deck. But today we explored the yard in all its winter

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Daily Photo Reprise: Girl Talk, 2011

Now what do you suppose they’re saying? I hardly think they’re sharing typical “girl talk” about cute guys and new clothes, not these two “experienced” girl cats. Besides that, they’re fixed and I presume they’re happy with their natural attire. Is Cookie imparting some sage advice to Mimi as the

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Daily Photo Reprise: The Cats in the Hat, 2010

Both Kelly and Cookie put one of my hats to the test—before it’s even done! Every crochet item I make must be tested by at least one kitty, especially Kelly, my Lead Crochet Tester. This means it must be subject to the following activities as appropriate with the shape and

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Rescue Story: Two Frightened Torties

Note: this story contains the mention of a suicide, though with no details about it; it is an essential part of the story, but I don’t want to shock anyone with it. . . . . . . . Last November a friend called later in the evening for help

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Daily Photo Reprise: Littered With Cats, 2011

From January 2011, a sunny morning in the kitchen. Yes, this similar to another recent photo reprise, but this one includes Cookie looking out the door, Mimi having a sun bath, and the Fantastic Four just, well, littering the floor. Something about that January morning sun… What happens when the

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Living Green With Pets: Art Cats

“No art project can begin until someone tastes the paint water.” Wise words from Kelly, who learned this from Cookie and fully embraced it, being second in line for any container of water I set aside or had on hand for any purpose. And for that reason, years ago I

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Daily Photo Reprise: Cookie…Cake? 2011

I’m glad I look before I add ingredients to the containers Cookie chooses to test for approval for use by kitchen cats. In this case, a Cookie covered in dry cake mix would be a total change in plans for the evening and for the event for which I was

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