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Poem for Sunday: The Gift of a Morning

My sincerest wish as I remember Cookie is that all of you who read what I write, each of you who has a relationship with one or more animals, that your relationship is as deep, complex, satisfying and, if your species or breed allows it, as long-lasting as was Cookie’s

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Charm Goes Home

Charm made the best of a number of bad situations in her short life, and now she can make the best of a really good situation, for the rest of her life. Yesterday, in the middle, literally, of all the hustle of my show and the event, I came home

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A Very Special Visitor

We had a very special visitor today! Charm’s adopter wanted to visit Charm and bring a few of her new toys so she could get her scent on them. A little sisal mouse on a string with a pole and a cat track with a ball that chirps, Charm was

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I Have Chosen a Human!

Yes, it’s true! Of all the humans who have come to this house to see me (because, of course, that’s why they come here), I have chosen the most wonderful human of all. First, she was besotted with my charming photo, above, which I carefully planned to catch the eyes

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kelly Has a Drink, 2012

What legs! Kelly really does have long legs, especially when she does her drinking dance, solidly planting all four paws, then prancing her hind paws and waving her tail while she drinks. There’s something so precious about Kelly drinking; I think it has to do with her timid nature, yet

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Rescue Story Reprise: A Little Bit About Kelly

JUST ABOUT two years ago to the day I looked at Kelly and decided her story needed to be told for my Tuesday rescue story. I remember, just two weeks after we’d lost Cookie, Kelly and I were finally feeling comfortable with being at our desk without her, Kelly settling

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Daily Photo Reprise: A Little Dose of Afternoon Sweetness, 2011

From August 16, 2012: I have a video to share of total sweetness in a kitty. You might remember that Kelly was my Lead Crochet Tester, and that she immediately occupied anything crocheted in any form—under construction, headed for the wash, being worn by me, it didn’t matter, when Kelly

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Daily Photo: From the Archives and Reprises, Torties and Tri-colors

Mimi and Peaches have a little slumber party on the Dora bed on July 31, 2010. I visited my sister and saw this foam child’s bed ready for the trash because her granddaughter had outgrown it. I thought it would make a great cat bed! She gave it to me,

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Heat Stroke in Cats

How easily can a cat go into heat stroke? More easily than you might think even if they stay indoors and windows are open with fans on during a heat wave. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, the situation can get out of control with a series of circumstances

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Daily Photo Reprise: Lunch First, Photos Later, Maybe, 2011

I miss my tortie girls every day, even if I know they’d sometimes be annoyed with what I was doing. Especially when I chose to take a photo before feeding them because they were acting so “cute”. Cookie and Kelly decidedly do not look at me when I take their

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