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Wordless Wednesday: Five Black Cat Veterinary Supervision Squad

five black cats looking in doorway
Five Black Cat Veterinary Supervision Squad

“Have to keep an eye on those veterinarians—we know what they like to do to cats!”

Just a few words! They felt the need to protect their senior fur sister, but the doctor felt the need to see what she was doing so I tossed each of them up on the wardrobe outside the bathroom door, where they could kind of watch around the corner and in the mirror on the door. They stayed there. They are such good cats, I can never say that often enough.

Emeraude is doing extremely well.

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17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Five Black Cat Veterinary Supervision Squad

  • I just love that they all hang out together… in a gang…. like, you know…. The Cats From the Other Side gang…. CFTOS…
    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

    • Pawesome Cats, it’s most fun when they are all related!

  • Such good news about Emeraude, and truly…wow! Such good behavior in kitties! Faraday thinks they need their cat-in-good-standing cards revoked for that! (but then of course, HE thinks being a brat is de rigueur.)

    • I think my first black cat sent them to me to make up for all the times he opened the refrigerator door and left it open all day, and other such things.

  • Those kitties are the sweetest bunch!
    Just like glue they stick together and like one another.
    Pawsome 🙂
    Great news for Emeraude 🙂

    • Georgia and Julie, they are unbelievable sometimes, it’s like they are all the same cat.

  • Nancy Blue Moon

    Yea Emmie..and yea to the amazing black cat squad for making sure the Vet does a good job..You have all made my heart feel happy tonight!

    • Nancy, no one gets away with anything here with the Five!

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    rock on emeraude…we toll ya de trout N friez wood due de trik…keep up de good werk, eat mor trout 🙂 !!

    • I’ll see if we can get some more trout up to her Tabbies!

    • Layla, they keep an eye on her too–JellyBean especially. I may see if they would supervise my own doctor.

    • I’d think twice before I did something they didn’t like, Ruckus.

  • That is a great capture… so much black beauty and attention.
    I’m so glad Emmie is doing so well.
    Purrs for all of you!


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