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This Time We’re Mad

seven cats in kitchen
They’re not letting me out of their sights!

We let her out yesterday and she was gone ALL DAY. ALL DAY. We are guarding her very closely today. ~Mimi, Giuseppe, Sunshine, Mariposa, Jelly Bean, Mewsette, Sienna. (They failed to mention I came home with their favorite food and litter. I owe it to my muses when I share them in my art.)

I gave them that, “If you like to eat…” expression. That really does not compute. They were mad, but they did enjoy their special food that I always get for them after an animal event, and favorite wood pellet litter, which hadn’t been available when I went to get it last week.

That was Sunday, and not only had I been away ALL DAY for my vendor event and then the aforementioned shopping, but I had spent most of last week making things and all were pretty severely neglected, at least compared to the usual level of attention they get. It was in response to the previous Thursday when eight cats happily greeted me and followed me around.

Eight cats happily greet me.

“What a nice greeting. I came back from a meeting and everyone greeted me at the door and followed me into the kitchen. Eight are in this photo, but you can barely see Mariposa, all 10 are in the room. I’m happy to be home.”

And I was really looking forward to sitting at my computer with my feet up and posting on Sunday because I had a special memory to share from around that date. I was also eager to share all the photos of my new display and all the things I had made last week, and then just getting back to all the photos of them I’ve taken around the house and not had the chance to share. I really do miss posting for you! I start composing my posts in my mind long before I get to my computer, and all last week and Saturday I had things all planned. And after 10 years of The Creative Cat I almost don’t know what day of the week it is if I don’t post.

Mimi falls asleep while supervising.

“Late night, but productive.

Instead, I spent Sunday fixing the minutiae of my in-home network which hasn’t been right since a power outage week before last, and downloading and editing photos when that was done. And resting my hip, which was mighty sore and angry. Seeing the doctor about that soon. And the network update will help getting posts written much more easily when I can access all my digital devices for images and programs.

Then Monday morning…

Three sleepy kitties keeping an eye on my.

A set of three black cats sleeping on the job — wait, their job was sleeping. Mimi, Jelly Bean and Bella were still making sure I don’t run off again.

In the meantime, my niece in Savannah has been doing some TNR and rescue at her workplace in Savannah, others I’d been coaching in TNR and rescue were successful, a dear friend lost both of her dogs just a month apart, and always there are sweet memories of my own feline family.

I will get back to my schedule for tomorrow. For today just “hello” and I’m glad you’re here. I’m also going to share my post on Portraits of Animals that shows my new display and a lot of the new handmade things so you can see what I’ve been up to.


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4 thoughts on “This Time We’re Mad

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    guyz….trust uz; de food gurl iz out…. mor N her iz in ….& sew we noe all a bout what cha meen….
    and when her doez come home; we due knot EVEN get litter ore foodz…..

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~

    🙂 ♥♥

    • How do you get these humans to stay put?! We all sit on her and still she gets away!

  • Do you mean Savannah, Georgia? I was there a few years ago, and wondered if there were TNR groups there, since it’s such a college town these days. Funny how the kitties react to you; I’ll admit to get a twinge bummed out when they DON’T greet me at the door, but they’ve been home all day with The Hubby, while I come and go weekdays for my job.

    • Yes, that’s the Savannah! It’s also in the south with a lot of natural areas where abandoned cats can escape to, and no real winters to stop the kitten cycles. There are several organizations and many people seriously working on the issue. I’m glad I could hook up my niece with the resources because six kittens, a mom and two wandering male cats is quite a bit to start with on your first TNR project! At work no less.


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