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Rescue Story: Little “Bernie”, Needs a Little Help!

tortie cat with burned kitten
Bernie and the world’s best cat mom, who risked her own life to save his!

This is the story of the world’s greatest mom cat and the world’s luckiest kitten! The story is still unfolding and I’ll post an update in a few days, but for now, little Bernie needs your help.

Apparently, there was a brush fire and the world’s greatest cat mom ran into the fire and came running back out—with a tiny kitten! She was unhurt, but little Bernie suffered serious burns on his muzzle, paws and tail, as you see in the slideshow below.

He has been to a regular vet, but needs to be seen by a specialist who will treat burn victims. He is currently being fed through a feeding tube because his face was so badly burned that his nostrils were swollen shut, and as he’s been healing the burned flesh has peeled off. He has no whiskers or eyebrows, and even his little front claws were melted! He also suffered burns on his tail, and his tail is peeling as well.

He was turned away from his local shelter, which is often not equipped to handle medical emergencies like this. He was rescued and in the care of Marcia’s Muttley Crew was taken to a veterinarian and is now in a foster home.

His attitude and prognosis are great! The general estimate for him to go to the specialist is $1,500 to $2,000 and they are close to this amount, but the faster it’s collected, the sooner Bernie gets to go to the speicalist. If you can, please donate to Marcia’s Muttley Crew’s PayPal account. You can add that it’s for Bernie in the notes.

You can find Marcia’s Muttley Crew on their page on

Here’s the slideshow of images of Bernie, below. Some may be graphic, but he’s got a great attitude and I can’t help but think, for all his suffering, he’s just being a kitten! All photos were given to me by Marcia’s Muttley Crew.

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16 thoughts on “Rescue Story: Little “Bernie”, Needs a Little Help!

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  • Joshua Thompson

    I just donated $20. I couldn’t figure out how to specify it’s for Bernie through PayPal, so I specified in the provided contact email and confirmed with my receipt number. My donation has to help Bernie. I feel so bad for the little guy.

    • Joshua Thompson

      Update: Marcia emailed me back. I am so glad to help Bernie!

    • Thank you for donating after your payday! I’m behind on responding to comments, but I was actually doing a “Bernie check” last night and I’ll update on him today. Marcia is totally grateful to everyone who donates–she wasn’t even sure she should ask and has been pleasantly surprised at the response. When I post my update, I’ll comment on this post so everyone knows to look at the new post. thanks again!

  • Looks like a number of people clicked on the PayPal link in this story–thanks! I’m so glad to help cats in need like Bernie, and a rescue like Marcia’s.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    kitty mom, ewe bee awesum, kitteh bernie…wee small dood…ewe rock….de blessings oh st francis two ewe; may him helps ewe heal 100 %
    and watch over ewe and yur mom 🙂 XOXOX frum de land oh trout !

    • Tabbies, wait till you hear, as Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story!” I wanted to make sure I got the basics up quckly so the little guy could get to the specialist, but there’s more to that amazing mom cat and trying to find a shelter who would help. Next week!

  • Joshua Thompson

    I feel so bad for him… More so I am happy for him to be alive! I really hope for a full recovery and the treatment that he needs.

    I will donate on my next pay day.

    • Thank you so much Joshua–every little bit helps, even $5.00.

  • I shared this thru my social media channels. I hope Bernie gets the help he needs!

    • Thanks so much! I’ll get the rest of the story tomorrow–Marcia is pretty busy rescuing, but this is the basics. Bernie looks like one incredible little kitten!

    • Joshua Thompson

      Thank you for sharing this on Google+. I reshared it publicly.

      • No problem, Joshua, I share these everywhere. You never know where you’ll find someone who can help.


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