Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Puzzle Cats

four black cats on bed
Puzzle cats, because they fit together like puzzle pieces even if one is under the bedspread.

All tucked in with each other, Mimi and her children snoozed on the bed in the early afternoon. From the top at 12:00 is Mimi, at about 4:00 is Mewsette, at 6:00 is Mr. Sunshine and at about the 10:00 position is Jelly Bean. The lump under the bedspread at the very bottom is Giuseppe being used as a pillow by Mr. Sunshine.

Below…”What are you looking at? We are going to finish our nap.” The three siblings, four if you count Giuseppe under the bedspread, are never so close in personality as when they awaken from a nap together—they’ll often sit up and look at me in nearly the same position, ears and eyes and heads all angled the same, or very nearly so. Mama Mimi is not in step with her children, and that is okay for the matriarch of the family. But they did get up after this and I finally managed to make the bed.

four black cats on bed
They kind of remind me of meerkats or baby possums all lined up on their mother.


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8 thoughts on “Puzzle Cats

    • Carolyn, sometimes I wish they’d quit so I could do something else. But if I go most of a day without a photo opp I get worried!

    • Chris, usually they are draped over each other, but this time they were perfectly fitted together. Gives me an idea for a real puzzle!

  • lemniscate47

    Ahh!! Look at All your dear black babbies.. n Guiseppe’s Lovie Lump.. All squished in close together.. as you say as neatly as pieces of a puzzle!! I Love it!! Thank You.

    • Annie, sometimes I worry about Giuseppe under the spread when they lie on him, but I’m sure he could get out from underneath if they were on his face. He sure makes a good pillow!

  • So lovely! I’d love to send you a photo of Raven, born in my home August 5, 2011. His Mother is snow white and I called her Ivory. She came to me for help end of July. I was honoured to be her Doula when her mighty fine baby boys were born. Second born is Licorice. Both Ivory and Licorice adopted into fine, loving homes. I could not part with Raven; he is kitty # 4. Others are Norman (17+), Felix (will be 7 in August) and Baby-Rascal (about 3 now). All Rescues; all mighty fine pussycats. I am so lucky.

    • Susan, she was snow white? Wow! There is a big connection between solid black or white cats, I won’t go into it, but I’m not surprised her kittens were solid or two were black. I thought you could post images in comments, but you can’t. Sorry for now, but when I update this site that’s one of the things I want to be sure people can do, upload photos of their cats!


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