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A Photo Anniversary, and How They Became a Favorite Design

"Star of Kittens", and how it came to be.
“Star of Kittens”, and how it came to be.

December is an anniversary—December 5 to be exact! This is how those housepanthers inspire me—ten years ago I took photos of five-month-old Giuseppe, Mewsette, Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean watching birds at the feeder, and this was one of the photos that helped make them permanent members of my household, and it became a design I love and led to yet another. What more could I ask of a bunch of kittens?

three black kittens
We’ll get those birds!
three black kittens
Birdwatchers in training

In 2011 I had an idea and remembered those four little beans in silhouette at the window, and out of that I designed two of my favorite designs ever: Star of Kittens and Star of Wonder. But it all started with those wonderful little black kittens who came to me, and stayed, and still inspire me every day.

We don’t really celebrate any one tradition for the winter holidays, but we enjoy sharing traditions of all our friends. I had created the six-pointed star as part of an invitation I designed for a non-denominational holiday musical celebration several years ago.

Design for the Mass of Hope with the six-pointed star.
Design for the Mass of Hope with the six-pointed star.

It could have been that, while I worked on that design on my computer, one or more young black cats found the star intensely interesting against the black background of the design and an idea was born, a universal message for the season, with cats. I remembered the photos of those Four when they were kittens, silhouettes looking out the big window at the birds and the snow, then it was night and there was a star…

"Can We Get That Thing?"
“Can We Get That Thing?”

I really like this design, and it was just what I’d envisioned.

And then once I saw that design I realized there was another, more serious design developing in there. Soon I was looking for the purr-fect silhouette. You’ve seen me use daily sketches for new designs for merchandise, but I’ve also used daily photos. I remembered a feline silhouette from a photo of Mr. Sunshine looking up at a moth in the pendant lamp that I used for my annual Independence Day post Oooh! Aaah! I wanted to be certain to capture every single hair and whisker of that silhouette—it was very fun and worth every minute to isolate all those furs and whiskers so that his silhouette would look authentic.

"Star of Wonder"
“Star of Wonder”

And there it was, a little more serious than the first design, just a cat, a star, and the blue of a winter night, and it can take on any meaning you’d like. It’s one of the favorites in my collection of greeting cards.

I thank them every day for the inspiration they bring me.

Holiday Cards

The cards are 5″ x 7″ printed on 12 pt. matte card stock and include a matching envelope, packed in a clear-top white cardboard greeting card box.

Can We Get That Thing?

"Can We Get That Thing?"
“Can We Get That Thing?”
Star of Kittens gift bag.
Star of Kittens gift bag.


I call this design “Star of Kittens” and it’s available as a greeting card and as a gift bag on Portraits of Animals.

Click here for Star of Kittens Holiday Greeting Cards

Click here for Star of Kittens Gift Bags

Inside the card reads: “…they look-ed up, and sa-aw a star …
…and they WANTED it!


Star of Wonder

"Star of Wonder"
“Star of Wonder”
Star of Kittens gift bag
Star of Kittens gift bag

I call this design “Star of Wonder” and it’s available as a greeting card and as a gift bag on Portraits of Animals.

Click here for Star of Wonder Holiday Greeting Cards

Click here for Star of Wonder Gift Bags

This card is blank inside.


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