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Moses’ Nose

gray kitty nose
Moses' Nose.

I’ve mentioned Moses, my sweet formerly feral silver tabby, a few times in stories lately, and in researching photos for a project I flipped past this photo of her—of her nose, in a position I always loved as her chin was tucked into her chest, such a very common posture for her. I know she was purring her soft little breathy purr and the tip of her tail was tapping the wood of the deck with happy regularity. She was getting her daily thermonuclear treatment and nothing, nothing at all, was going to make her move until the sun was gone.


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5 thoughts on “Moses’ Nose

  • The female form of rabbi would be rabba or maybe rabbanit I think. Our rabba could be rabbanu, but am not sure as have never had to use it lol.

    Moshe looks very content in that picture 🙂

  • Susan Mullen

    Bernadette, what a blessing for you to have known such a powerful, loving being. Often when the name of Moses is mentioned by observant Jews, it will be said as “Moshe Rabenu”, Moses our Teacher. I don’t know enough Hebrew to give you the feminine version of “Rabenu”. But your Moses had so many qualities of her own — maybe her secret cat name had two words too.

    • Susan if you’ve read my stories about her you know that she was a powerful teacher–though her name was technically a mistake because I thought she was a boy. No mistake.

      When I had her cremated at Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, Deb Chebatoris called me when the cremation was done and told me she’d never seen bones so brilliant white after a cremation–Deb also never called people about things like this, but felt I needed to know. I knew Moses was pure goodness, that only proved it to me.

    • P.S. I’ll check with my friend Rick who is president of our shul in Carnegie to see if we can find the translation.


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