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Marketplace: These Designs on Fabric Things

Four designs for art papers.
Four designs for art papers.

Seeing text-weight and cover-weight art papers for scrapbooking and creative crafts I decided to give it a try and create my own feline-themed art papers. I still carry them as text and cover weight papers, but the other things I’ve always seen these patterns on is fabric, and that’s what I’m working on now. I can enlarge or reduce the designs to fit various items and imprint using my favorite fabric transfers and produce accessory bags, tote bags, placemats and more.

Inscrutable Patterns

Inscrutable Patterns Art Paper
Inscrutable Patterns Art Paper

When I first did this sketch, “Inscrutable” I thought it would be a good candidate for a repetitive pattern. I began with a palette of about eight colors, which is more than I’d wanted, and then I kept adding more! Never too many colors, and for now I’m printing digitally and don’t really have to worry about the number of colors, but ultimately I’d like to be able to screen print this design, even in a monochrome design.

Initially I liked all the cats’ eyes to be the same color, but when I saw how the color beneath showed through each cats’ eyes I really liked how random it was, like the cats themselves. Then I began shuffling the pattern so both eyes were not on the same color and though I didn’t like it at first, looking at a large section of pattern I decided I really do.


22 Cats

art paper with collage of cat portraits
“22 Cats” Art paper

This pattern is a collage of all 16 portraits—22 cats in all—included in my Great Rescues Day Book. I had always admired collages of cats I’d seen on gift items and this was a natural selection.

Just Fits

art paper with sketch of cat in basket
“Just Fits” art paper.

Any cat who gets in my way gets sketched. Giuseppe decided to nap in the basket I’d had merchandise orders in, and he would not get out of it, even though he did not exactly fit in it. He really scrunched himself too, but he made for a nice solid subject.

This is drawn in brush pen which actually has shaped bristles at the tip and the ink flows from a cartridge so it’s almost like a brush dipped in ink. The brush is very graceful and I can make all sorts of lovely lines, wide and flat or narrow and wandering. I designed this pattern when I decided to play around with the sketch as a repeating pattern and colored Giuseppe a different color each time. I’ve also added a color background and may use that idea for this project.


Brushy Kitties

art paper with ink sketches of cats
“Brush Kitties” art paper

This pattern is a collage of all the kitties I’ve drawn in this same style with the above-mentioned brush pen, singles, multiples, smooth lines, sketchy lines, just a bunch of busy kitties in black on white. In the past few years I’ve seen so many designs of tiny busy cat sketches or silhouettes as an overall pattern, and this is my idea. It also looks great on a background of pink or turquoise!

Depending on what I accomplish this weekend, you may see these next week! My samples are so exciting that it’s been difficult to wait until I’m ready to work again, and my studio is cleared out enough to get in here.

How to Order Art Papers

Cover weight art papers, 11" x 11". with cat artwork
Cover weight art papers, 11″ x 11″.
Text weight art papers, 11" x 17"., with cat artwork.
Text weight art papers, 11″ x 17″.

Just in case you are interested in the art papers, I have limited amounts of the text weight paper, but good amounts of the cover stock. Please let me know what you’re interested in.

All four patterns are printed on one side of the page, and come in two text or cover stock with corresponding sizes:

  • Text-weight stock is printed as described above and trimmed to a generous 11″ x 17″.
  • Cover-weight is printed as described above and trimmed to 11″ x 11″.

These are priced singly for $2.00 per sheet and in sets of three for $5.00, and you can mix and match. You’ll find the on the page of Gifts Produced from My Designs on


black cat walkding on art papers
Jelly Bean finds them good for strolling on because it gets him attention.

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Inscrutable Patterns Oval Tile
Inscrutable Patterns Oval Tile

This tile is 5″ x 7″, made of white polymer clay rolled thin with a print of my sketch “Inscrutable Patterns” onto the surface. Read more and order.


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