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Daily Sketch: Why Do Humans Do That?

ink sketch of cat sleeping
“Why do humans do that?”, in hybrid technical pen, 8.5″ x 6″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Bean wonders, “Why do humans do some of the things they do?

“I was resting here, on the bed, very content, and my human came in and said hello. I did not answer because I am resting and that is what I’m doing. But she came over and asked me again. And again. And then she petted me all over. I still did not move, and then she kissed me and kept petting me! I couldn’t get the point across to her that I WAS RESTING. It probably didn’t help that I purred a bit too. Eventually she went away but she seemed happy. I just don’t understand humans.”

I know that when Bean is in this position, that he is not asleep but is thinking deep thoughts. I find that shape irresistible. Can’t he give me a minute? I guess he has no choice! And I gave him something to think deeply about. And he did purr!

. . . . . . .

What other sketches did I share around this date?


Free Cat Hair With Every Order, 2012
sketch of cats on boxes
“Free Cat Hair”, ink, 7″ x 6″ © B.E. Kazmarski

Funny how, when I tell them that people enjoy looking at their image but don’t necessarily want a sample of them, they ignore me and continue finding alternate purposes for what I’m working with. They are not helping me; bathing is not helping me. It’s simply a bid to get attention: I am paying attention to this stuff, therefore they must be in this stuff because they must have my attention.

I took a sort of day off of the computer today, suggested by the tingling in my hands and numb fingertips, just a little overwork with one activity and I needed to give the nerves and tendons a bit of a change. I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome or anything that requires surgery. I noticed stiffness and swelling in my hands about 25 years ago working long hours as a typesetter and found I have a condition called repetitive motion syndrome that I’d been subject to even before computers. It has more to do with the structure of my hands and the way the nerves run down my arms and through my elbows, getting a little tangled in the process. Repetitive motions simply pull the tendons a little too far and they swell, pinching the nerves, and the nerves that run to my hand get pinched when I bend my elbow. This includes not only typing but just about everything else I’ve always done—crochet, knit, sew, embroider, weave, paint garden, renovate my house, all those activities are built on repetitive motions. As long as I give my hands a variety of things to do, the wear and tear is evenly placed. Too much time at one thing, and I need to take a break. Think of your eyes and giving your vision a break while working on the computer—you don’t close your eyes and look at nothing, you turn your head and look at something different, give your eyes some exercise.

I usually try to avoid working on the computer on the weekend to help alleviate this, but I had two weekends in a row with big projects.

So I spent a good bit of today doing an inventory of greeting cards, packing sets of cards and organizing materials. I missed writing my article today but there will be time for it tomorrow. For now we had a great time in the studio today as well as in the kitchen. My handwriting is really unreadable when my hands are like this, but when I’m back in better control I’ll add the title in the art.

In order, it’s Giuseppe, Jelly Bean, Mewsette and Mimi.

This should look familiar, especially to anyone who has ordered from me in the past year! It’s on the information sheet I send with each order.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Sketch: Why Do Humans Do That?

    • Ah, that lettering style is my own “native” style–I used to paint signs and still do calligraphy, even use my own handwriting and printing for things I design, but when I don’t “plan” a particular style, this is what has always come out, and I’ve let it develop over the years. I enjoy it as much as I enjoy drawing!

  • bluemoonalone

    She does these things because she loves you so much sweet Jelly Bean…

    • Bluemoonalone, he is irresistible, just touching him transfers some of his happiness to me.


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