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Daily Sketch: Kelly in Warm Colors

pastel painting of sleeping cat
Kelly in Warm Colors, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

Because I always hope she feels the warmth of love.

I hadn’t set out to do quite this, but this was what resulted from a lovely ideal of Kelly sleeping quietly in the sun…right after her hatha yoga bath. It turned out to be all about Kelly today, but she was so enjoying the sun on that cabinet, and I was so enjoying her.

This is done in my old friend, pastel, or chalk pastel to differentiate from my new friend oil pastel (read this article to understand the difference between and how they are made). Normally my “native” medium, I’ve been wandering away from it lately just to get a break and experience other media. This is the joy of daily sketches for me, that little exploration. Now I am eager to get back to my friends, my pastels.

A few notes on the colors, as always…the deepest colors on her are two shades of warm purple, more like violet than indigo, as it appears here, which softens the shadows instead of sharpening them as you see here. Also the blue in the background at left is cooler, not the turquoise you see; I think it draws too much attention to itself. But nothing is ever perfect, and I am never happy with what my scanner does with color. I hope you like it nonetheless.


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24 thoughts on “Daily Sketch: Kelly in Warm Colors

  • This is so lovely. Your pastels are magical.
    Thank you for conveying, in words and pictures, the many kinds of beauty that were Kelly.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read about her Meg. I also serialized her rescue story in spring 2012–there was more to it than one article could convey–and I’m making it into a book.

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  • Susan Stoltz

    Bernadette, I absolutely love this! Would you consider selling prints or even the original? I’m definitely interested!

  • Paulette Smith

    I absolutely love this portrait! The colors are magnificent .

    • Paulette, thanks! I’m very pleased with it. It’s right here by my desk so I can keep looking at it.

  • Breathtaking! I’ve got a perfect place in my home for this….I’m just sayin’…

  • lemniscate47

    I love how many colours it takes to really capture dear Kelly’s beautiful tortioseshell!! In the warm light of the Sun.. n of your Love.

    • Annie, if you look close some of them are pretty unexpected. Even though I’m the artist and chose the colors, I’m surprised myself.

  • roxannel


    This is one of your best, I think. I love the colors you chose and Kelly’s whiskers, eyebrows and the hairs on her chest. Just lovely.

    • Roxanne, funny you mention the whiskers—I was pleased but it just wasn’t quite done and I was concerned it might be too abstract until I added just those few tiny lines and I knew it was there. Thanks!

  • Susan Stoltz

    So nice to see Kelly in your “native” medium of pastel, Bernadette. This is so beautiful. I love the colors – the two shades of purple in contrast with the sunlight colors are magnificent! I can tell that Kelly had a delicious yoga bath and is now soaking up the glorious sun with every fiber of her sweet, rounded body.

    • Susan, no matter where I ramble, there’s no place like home. I love my pastels. And of course I have the most wonderful models.

  • DeniseL

    I don’t just “like” this, I LOVE it – so beautiful!

    • Thank you, Denise! I do too, sounds strange, but I love it when I love my art.

  • It’s gorgeous! You can feel the warmth in the colours, so full of life even though she’s resting.

    • Mark, that’s the warmth and life of contentment, just right for our kitties–especially little Kelly!


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