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Daily Photo: Two Special Rescues I’ve Been Waiting to Meet

cat and pit bull
Frankencat and Old Grand Dad.

This is Old Grand Dad and Frankencat, a blind and deaf geriatric pit bull and a one-eyed FeLV+ cat who are best buds, two animals rescued from frightening fates through the kindness of a number of rescuers. I met them and their caretaker today to write a story about their remarkable relationship, rescues and lives.

Old Grand Dad, or OGD as he’s referred to, was rescued last year from a shelter where his fate at his age with his infirmities was clear, but he’s happily living out his days with Heather Long who also has other rescued pit bull dogs along with other breeds.

Frankencat was found on the street with an infected eye, and badly-healed broken jaw and a necrotic face wound, and his recovery from all this was decidedly uncertain, especially when his FeLV+ test came back positive. He was rescued by volunteers from the Pittsburgh Feral Cat Movement and was treated by Dr. Morrow and Lindsay Joyce at the Tarentum clinic until he was ready to go to a foster home. Because of his wounds and his need for medications along with his FeLV status it was considered best if he went to a home without cats to help reduce the chances of spreading the virus to other cats. So he ended up with Heather and her crew, and the best place to confine him was in a cage in the room with OGD.

The rest is history, which you’ll read about next week.

Here is Heather with her four very good, friendly, playful dogs and a buddy who was on a sleepover for the weekend. Her bond with each of them was very clear.

woman with dogs
Heather with her four dogs and one she’s watching for the weekend.

And thanks to Heather and Dr. Michelle Elgersma, who acted as my assistant today, for getting a few photos of me! Frankencat is friendly but two of us smelling like strange cats and me with camera were a little too much for him, or perhaps my Friday hair made me look like a strange species.

woman with black cat
Me with Frankencat.

OGD is good at napping, and because he is unsteady enough to need confinement when he’s not under supervision and can’t sleep on the bed with the humans, Heather added a lion to the room wearing one of her sleep shirts for OGD to cuddle with. Franken, in OGD’s cage, still isn’t sure what species I am.

person with dog
Me with OGD.

I will feature their story next Tuesday as my weekly rescue story.

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