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Daily Photo: Sienna Says Get to Work

tortoiseshell cat on worktable
Sienna says get to work!

Look, I’ve cleaned off your messy worktable, put things away, and I’m here and ready right now to supurrvise you! You’ve been keeping us up all night with your working all over the house. The least you can do is work during the day so you’re not keeping us awake!

Oh, that those paws could cut mats for me….


Featured Daily Sketch: Swirling Bath, 2014

pastel sektch of cat bathing
“Swirling Bath”, pastel, 7″ x 10″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Well, this wasn’t at all what I’d set out to do, but then I’d set out with kind of a loose idea to begin with, “sketch Mr. Sunshine on my desk”. I started out with the toned paper and charcoal seeing Sunshine with his glossy black fur, but suddenly discarded that in favor of my pastels and a half-formed idea of blended color areas on paper with a black outline sketch on top to give them definition. He is so graceful, especially when he turned to wash his side with his tail curling around to the front. So, here it is. It’s a little darker than I’d have liked it had I planned it, but overall I like it. Below, I cropped it so that it didn’t have the white edges. Often the white edge dilutes the colors, which is why I sometimes crop the colorful ones to eliminate that influence. The colors look a little more intense this way.

pastel sketch of cat bathing
“Swirling Bath” cropped.

Where to find this artwork

I donated this original sketch, framed, to the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center’s annual Paws & Prints Benefit in 2014. But I still have prints available on paper an canvas. You can purchase a print of this art on Portraits of Animals.


From the Back Yard and Beyond

Double Rainbow


From Portraits of Animals

“Social Isolation,” in the Woods in the Time of Covid

pastel sketch of trail in the woods
Social Isolation, pastel, 7 x 9 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski




Photos from previous years around this date

Shocked, Shocked We Tell You! 2020

three black cats
We’re shocked!

“We’re shocked, shocked, we tell you!”

Was it something I was doing? Was it something I missed? Was it one of the neighbor cats on their (our) porch? I never found the source of the infraction. I think it likely was that my back was turned to them and that was almost unforgiveable.

And from the back yard…

These unique little flower heart purses are so precious, and so welcome in May. Bleeding hearts love full sun, but I have mine planted in an area that’s become shady so the flowers aren’t so plentiful, nor as large, so finding the blooms each year is a little celebration. That’s another area of the yard that needs a little cleanup, including trimming some trees, so I’ll see many more little purses each spring.

Along with other spring-blooming bulbs and annuals, I have this planted near the little concrete sleeping cat statue in the area I consider my memorial to the cats I’ve lost. I have a sprinkling of all their cremains in the soil under the kitty statue, and nearly all the plants, several of them native plants, are traditionally significant of remembrance.

And just a nice photo from Main Street when I ran down to ship some packages.

Something pretty on Main Street, columbines blooming in the street planters with colorful storefronts as a backdrop.

Pretty flowers on Main Street.



From around this date in past years

All Afternoon, 2019

The big afternoon nap.
The big afternoon nap.

It has never ceased to make me smile when I have walked out of my studio and looked into my bedroom right next door and saw an array of cats on the bed. It’s been since I moved in here and started working in this room that I remember this and even have photos of it through the years. And I tested it—when I work downstairs, they settle all around me in that room. When I work upstairs, most of them settle on the bed after spending time with me in my studio. At this point I know that one or two others were in my bedroom but not on the bed, maybe one was in the studio. All were upstairs.

Mariposa and Basil are regular napping buddies.

Basil and Mariposa.
Basil and Mariposa.

And these five, the siblings and Mimi, started out all over the bed and slowly moved together as if magnetized.

Five balck cats.
Five black cats.

Very sweet memories.

Photos from years past.


Hamlet, Mimesis and Mirrors, 2018

Hamlet in the mirror.
Hamlet in the mirror.

Plato would tell you that our reality is not reality at all, only our reflection of what is around us, one step removed from a reality we cannot see. Alice adventures through the looking glass to find a concurrent reality that nonetheless includes her real white kitten Dinah who had also been with her in Wonderland. Hamlet ponders whether to be or not to be, and what being might actually be. It’s been a long day and the human is not making sense, but all the cats know that her reality is nothing like theirs. But Hamlet is looking awfully handsome reflected in the mirror.



Looking up.
Looking up.

. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Monday Bella, 2017
Monday Morning Bella

I had set this up intending to post last week on Monday but got distracted, as I often do on busy weeks. April was a busy month. I’m hoping May will be a little easier. And you don’t have to wait one more minute to see Bella as she supurrvises me at my desk!

Oh! It’s Monday. Bella’s glad. They get more rest supurrvising me during the week. Over the weekend I’m all over the house and they get a little annoyed sometimes.

Below is Bella’s position on top of the sorting cubby on my desk, just at eye level and and next to the corner of my monitor. Who would dare laze around at their desk with that expression watching you?

My supurrvisor

. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Dreamy Spring Morning, 2015
Bella and Mimi in a dreamy spring morning mode.
Bella and Mimi in a dreamy spring morning mode.

Bella napped and Mimi kept an eye on my activities on a sunny spring morning in the sunniest spot in the house. Bella acts as if she is sleeping, but note that her ears are turned toward me…

A little bit of filtering makes an everyday photo seem somehow otherworldly, desaturated color and a little bit of diffuse glow. Below is the original photo, which I like for its limited but strong color palette.

Bella and Mimi share the sunny spot.
Bella and Mimi share the sunny spot.

. . . . . . .

Making An Appearance Today

Amber Buttercup was seen tucked into the corner of her picture window enjoying the sun in front of her highly customized window blind.

Amber Buttercup in her window.
Amber Buttercup in her window.

. . . . . . .

Posted on Facebook…


Today is a celebration of purple and blue as Mimi models her purple harness and leash to coordinate with the forget-me-nots and violets. Recess is over, back inside, kids.

Mimi in-forget-me-nots.
Mimi in-forget-me-nots.
Mimi, Queen of all She Surveys.
Mimi, Queen of all She Surveys.
Proper paw placement and purple.
Proper paw placement and purple.


. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Solar-powered Garden Cat, 2014
black cat in garden
Solar-powered garden cat, in black, absorbing the thermonuclear reactions.

Mimi’s not sleeping, she’s absorbing thermonuclear activity to store for use later, when the rain comes and it gets chilly again.

Black is the best color for this activity.

Nothing like a few good, weathered tomato stakes to dig your claws into.

. . . . . . .

If Your Bathroom Sink is Full of Black Cats, 2014

Looks like this day has always been a big day for hanging out in the bathroom sink.

three black cats in green sink
Is your sink full of black cats?

“Don’t mind us, we’ll just hope you get the idea.”

Idea? What Idea? Why do cats have to be so obtuse with their messages? Don’t they realize they’d probably get what they want more often if they just plain asked for it?

But then what would I photograph every day?

“Really, we may be in need, but we wouldn’t want take any of your valuable time. We’ll just wait.”

two black cats in sink
“We’ll just wait.”

Do I detect more than a note of sarcasm?

They would not look at me for any temptation, no matter what I promised.

“Well, maybe I need to work a little harder to get the point across to you. Does this expression help?”

How could I resist those leafy eyes?

three black cats in sink
“Does this help?”

. . . . . . .

*Sigh*, 2013
Jelly Bean is waiting for the faucet to spring to action.
Jelly Bean is waiting for the faucet to spring to action.

Jelly Bean waits for the faucet to magically begin dispensing water.

Even though his back is facing me I know he’s tucked his chin to his chest and his eyes are closed, but he’s not sleeping. It’s just so Bean.

And even if I turn on the faucet, he won’t drink from it. After nearly a year they love their fountain but still have a fondness for the faucet, yet it just seems like an old habit.

. . . . . . .

Manipulative, 2012

Admit it. You’d give him anything.

I admit he is very hard to resist. Way back when I had decided I could not possibly keep all these kittens I had decided to keep perhaps two, and tried to choose so that I would not become too attached to them all. I loved little Jelly Bean, or Little Guy as I called him then, but I had to consider giving him up. He looked right into my eyes, knew what I was thinking, raced me up the stairs, hopped into the bathroom sink and flopped down and purred, batting his eyelashes at me.

“I don’t know who’s going or staying, but you’re not going anywhere, Little Guy.”

He is so completely manipulative that he is the one who got me to start turning on the faucet for them every day to drink. I have never, ever allowed my cats to drink from any faucet because I was concerned they wouldn’t get enough water since I had no intention of leaving faucets on all day. I admit that everything in the bathroom leaked when they were growing up in there so they thought water was supposed to be that way, and especially after the seniors I have had bowls all over the house.

But this Little Guy charmed me with a look like this and I simply turned on the faucet. What would you do if he sat on the sink and looked at you like that? See how you do looking into those green eyes. If the look alone doesn’t work, he talks very softly, and I am under his spell.

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