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Daily Photo: Morning Conversation

two cats at sunny window
Morning Conversation

Sienna and Mariposa beautifully share a beautiful morning. That warm spring sun has them both ready to doze off. I think they enjoy each others’ company, these two who are about the same age and from such different backgrounds, socialized and feral, but who both found themselves living outdoors, trapped for TNR, and ending up living happily indoors.

Maybe they figure that in this house of black cats and being the only two who are not black, they need to stick together.


From Instagram

What happens when two different cats enjoy the same spot on the bed and they both show up at once?


Apparently my apple wasn’t as scrumptious as I made it out to be.

Morty is easily amused.



From around this date in past years

Indeed a Gift, 2022

tabby and white cat
Indeed a gift.

Indeed, you are a gift, Mariposa, but you are a display item only and not for sale.

Purrhaps she is reminding me that I still don’t have enough feline gift items that look like her. Well, give it time little girly.

It’s a rarity that my display shelves are empty for any length of time, as I emptied them for the event this past Saturday. It’s not long before they are thoroughly inspected on all surfaces by curious felines.


From Instagram

“River Birch is an excellent choice for your cat tree, especially if you like a lot of texture, and when you like to reach and scratch and really dig in,” Mimi suggests.

Simba and Midnight Louie waiting for the show to start. I never realized I was so entertaining when I’m focusing on a painting.


From the garden and beyond



From around this date in past years

Daffodil Morning, 2021

two black cats with daffodils
Getting to the photo was a challenge.

I got this crazy idea that I’d like to get a photo with Mimi and/or Mewsette and some daffodils. I got this idea because both of them walked up to daffodils in the yard and sniffed them and stood there, but I didn’t have my camera ready.

Apparently, by the time I got my camera ready, they were over it. I even tried bribing them with treats, which they enjoyed, but did not produce good photos. I didn’t get very many good photos, but the photos I got are actually kind of funny. In the end Mimi relented and walked up to the daffodils talking, and then stood there looked at me like, “Is this what you had in mind?”

black cat with daffodils
Mimi tells me she feels bad.

TOXICITY WARNING: daffodils are toxic to cats–and dogs and horses. The bulb is the most toxic part, but flowers, leaves, even pollen can put cats in the hospital under constant care. None of my cats through the years I’ve ever eaten any part of a daffodil, but I still keep an eye on these two and anyone else who comes out in the yard.


From Instagram

March 24: Golden morning sunlight.

tabby cat in sunlight
Mariposa enjoys the early morning sun.

Mimi investigates the former groundhog’s former burrow.

black cat in garden
Mimi checks out the groundhog’s burrow.

Madam Groundhog has moved to another yard. Last year, when she climbed up on my deck and deck railing and ate all my herbs and vegetables even in hanging pots, it just pushed me over the edge and I didn’t want her to feel quite that comfortable in my yard. This is also the groundhog who climbed the mulberry trees and ate the leaves last year. She is a very capable lady groundhog.

I do not trap and remove animals, but there are some ways to make the situation uncomfortable and convince them to move elsewhere. Years ago, in one of my organic gardening magazines, someone mentioned using urine-soaked cat litter at the entrance to the burrow. Groundhogs are not frightened of cats, but they are extremely fastidious animals. The litter, especially with repeated applications, makes them feel unwelcome, to say the least. I use wood pellet litter, so it breaks down and adds organic matter to the soil, and the ammonia in the urine breaks down to nitrogen leaving no pathogens.

I’m sure she isn’t done with me, hence the work on my fences.


8 black cats
All eight black cats.

All 8 black cats settling in for afternoon naps in their baskets near my desk, instead of all over my desk. What incredibly good kitties! They’ve paired off in the three baskets, Mimi ended up in the basket behind the pencil cups, Basil settled on the top of the cat tree in the corner. Mariposa is looking out the basement door, and Sienna has the bed all to herself upstairs.

Do you do a head count of your cats periodically through the day? I find myself doing that several times a day.

desk at coffeehouse
Carnegie Coffee Company

March 25: It’s nice to resume our lunches at Carnegie Coffee Company, and discuss business, life, and cats—with Carolyn of My Three Cats & Co.
This little nook made me want to settle in and work there.

woman petting cat
Carolyn petting Sunshine.

Kitties had a visit from Aunt Carolyn today, and Mr. Sunshine was especially excited and greeted her at the door. 14 years ago, Carolyn picked up a tiny kitten I fostered in the bathroom. Yes that was Mr. Sunshine as a little bean in August 2007. Carolyn was kind enough to support my fostering of Mimi and her kittens that year. Thanks so much for helping me give them and their mother a good healthy start, and get them all their necessary medical care, and spays and neuters. Below, Carolyn meeting Mr. Sunshine for the first time, in August 2007.

woman with kitten
Carolyn with “Yellow” according to ear paint; he turned out to be Mr. Sunshine.

Carolyn owns a business called My Three Cats & Co., and we’ve worked together as each other’s customers and as friends since the late 90s.

cup of oatmeal
cup of oatmeal

March 27: Glad I got to heat up my oatmeal before the lights went out again. Working on an illustration by window light, can’t work outside because the wind would blow everything away, including me.

black cat in basket
Basil says to chill.

Basil says to chill about this power outage.

From the back yard and beyond

March 28: Hope you have a beautiful day!

Oh my. She was waiting for me outside the window at dusk. The wispy gossamer clouds were so delicate and graceful. Working on my moon photography skills.

Full Sap Moon, and the Paschal Moon, so Chag Sameach to those who celebrate!

full moon with clouds
Full moon with clouds.

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