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Daily Photo: Considering a New Medium

black cat with paintbrush
Mewsette considers trying out a new medium.

Mewsette, my visual artist, inspects the paintbrushes I’ve just cleaned and left to dry. Perhaps she’s considering trying out a new medium after watching me use them for a few paintings. I’m not sure if she’s considering painting with them, or interpreting what they have to say as she does with her cardboard. She sniffed for quite a while, then sat back on the windowsill to ponder the possibilities. I guess she’s still thinking about it.

Is this one for Compositions in Black and Green 2015? Could be! Below is a photo I featured in 2013 that’s featured in February in Compositions in Black and Green 2014. Scroll down to read about Compositions in Black and Green 2014.


. . . . . . .

What other photos did I featuring on this date?

Green Bean
black cat on green sink
Jelly Bean was a green bean in the sun today.

“Let me see…do I have the head tilt down right? I have to be better than Mr. Sunshine because I’m LOADS cuter.”

All that wonderful mint green reflects on Jelly Bean’s glossy fur, so today he’s a green bean, my favorite vegetable. Don’t know how Bean likes being compared to a vegetable, but he was recently compared to a mindless blob of sugar and gel and he didn’t mind that.

He’s the one who uses his tail as an anchor, as you see it wrapped around under the sink. All his siblings just let it kind of hang out and his mom wraps it against her hip in a circle, but Jelly Bean holds himself down so he doesn’t float away from cuteness.

. . . . . . .

calendar with black cat
Compositions in Black and Green 2014

Compositions in Black and Green 2014 and other calendars from The Creative Cat

The photo above was the October feature photo in Compositions in Black and Green 2013, a calendar featuring the Fantastic Four and the Mama Mimi in the vintage mint green bathroom, just being their lovely selves. I published Compositions in Black and Green 2014 with all new photos, and it even includes Emeraude and Lakota!

Special Offer for Black Cat Adoptions

Now through 2014, I’ll send a copy of my Compositions in Black and Green 2014 calendar to anyone who rescues or adopts a black cat so that you can use it to keep track of all the wonderful things your house panther does. Or keep track of the house panther you’ve rescued so that you can keep track of veterinary records and send it along with the person who adopts the cat you’ve rescued.

Just email your rescue story to me, or a copy of your adoption contract—all personal information you don’t want to share eliminated of course—and a photo of your cat. I will keep all of your information completely private unless you want to share it with my readers.

If you’d like to to purchase a Compositions in Black and Green 2014 calendar as a gift or for yourself, visit my Etsy shop.

Read more about this calendar and all my 2014 Calendars from The Creative Cat.

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