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Daily Photo: Back to August

long-haired black kitten
Smokie a few days after he came here.

Sorry for the blurry face, but Smokie was pretty hard to photograph those first few days!

Now that Smokie is past the cute-little-kitten stage, hgyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyfrdeeeeeews (Smokie’s interpretation of that phrase!) I’ve been looking back over some of his first photos. Not only has he grown, which was expected, but he has quite a head of hair too! He was listed as a “DMH”, or “domestic medium-hair”, but his ruff and tail have filled out a little more than I’d expect for a domestic medium-haired cat. You don’t see too much of his “smoky” areas anymore. Likely when he was a kitten he looked a little smokier than the average black kitten, though now his ruff, his whole belly and the underside of his tail are still pretty “smoky”, and his fur is quite mahogany.

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a kitten grow up. It happen so fast. While kittens are cute, though, I love to see the adult who emerges from that little chrysalis. Smokie has had quite the transformation in so many ways. Below, from just last night, Smokie’s favorite sleeping position, displaying all his smoky bits.

black kitten sleeping
Smokie sleeping on his back on my lap.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date? (I’ve missed a few days of this!)


Cookie in Blues and Greens, 2011
tortoiseshell cat with turquoise rocker
Cookie in her happy spot.

The temperature is below freezing and there is a little snow on the ground, but Cookie is in her favorite outdoor spot where I have to contort myself to get her. It’s a little game we play every morning when we go outside to fill the bird feeders and mess around on the deck, and Cookie never wants to go in, no matter the weather.

That’s okay, for now I’ll just enjoy looking at her on her favorite little stool among the turquoise furniture I’ve had at least as long as I’ve had her enjoying the sun on her back being her typical sassy Cookie self. At her age, I find it hard to say “no”.

Cookie knew all about effective use of color, perhaps that’s why we got along so well.

. . . . . . .

A Little Touch Up, 2013
two black cats
A little touch up.

That’s because Mimi is so little compared to Giuseppe!Mimi sits in the curve of Giuseppe’s torso, his head just the right height for a little clean-up around the face.

I am trying to make the best of a sweet photo with a lot of difficulties; the contrast between the black cats and the bright lights in my studio makes for a shot my little camera really can’t understand. Poster edges is always good for making things like this work.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Back to August

  • What a transformation! Wouldn’t it be fun to do a matching game to guess which kitten became which cat? I think I’d guess wrong with beautiful Smokie…

    • Swanson14, most of the time it’s easy to tell when we look back at kitten pictures isn’t it? If I hadn’t seen it I’m not sure I would guess right either!


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