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Cats for Adoption: June Bug and Stevie, Abandoned and Neglected No More!

tortoiseshell cat
June Bug loves her windowsill any time of the day

It’s hard to believe easy-going, affectionate June Bug has found herself living on the streets…four times! And she’s only eight or nine years old.

tortoiseshell cat
Closeup with Buggie.

June Bug was found as a stray in a suburban area about three years ago and rescued by a family, but they only kept her for a few months, surrendering her to a shelter. She was adopted from that shelter, but after two years the person who adopted her moved in with someone with allergies so June Bug was offered for adoption on craigslist. She was adopted from the craigslist post but just recently she was found wandering the streets again, abandoned and alone.

And she’s so nice! The person who went to “trap” said June Bug just strolled right up to her and asked for pets, even enjoying being picked up and held. No one is certain how her ear was “tipped”—it was not through a TNR program, it’s a ragged edge, but it doesn’t interfere with her tortoiseshell beauty.

She’s been crawling into a basement for shelter, and that access is going to be sealed. But Buggie is just not an outdoor cat, and since she’s been in foster she’s been fine with dogs and other cats. Someone who has met her has even offered to pay for her food for the first year.

Buggie so much wants her own forever home! All these years on the streets and all this abandonment have not diminished her trust and affection for humans. Right now she’s in foster, and could even use a less-crowded foster home as everyone is overloaded with kittens. Buggie deserves to live out her life in a comfortable, permanent place. June Bug is in the Pittsburgh area. Please contact me or Donnie if you want to provide a loving home for Buggie, even if it’s to foster.

Stevie is ready to come home with you!

black cat
Stevie today!
black cat on leash
Stevie walks on a leash!

Now that Stevie has recovered from his sniffles he’s ready to go home with you! Friendly and outgoing, Stevie gets along well with dogs —he had a highly contagious respiratory virus and so was fostered and given medications by someone who only had dogs. Even after his neglect and bad treatment by other humans, he was a lap cat from the beginning, and that is unlikely to change.

black cat and black dog
Stevie has the dog under control.

Today Stevie’s gaining weight and exploring the house he’s fostered in, even with a bunch of dogs, and enjoying his rescued life!

People? Sure! Dogs? No problem! He’s friendly and affectionate, ready to love and appreciate his adoptive home. Many thanks to his rescuer and to all the people who contributed to the costs of his care, including one particular customer of mine. Read more about how she donated for Stevie’s care by purchasing and original daily sketch from me in Helping Stevie With Art, Feeding Kittens and a Happy Ending.

If you can’t live without Stevie, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with his rescuer and foster home! Give this wonderful guy a chance at the loving home he so deserves.

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Psi Needs to Fly Now

black kitten
Psi is as cute as cute can be.

Now this is a long shot, but just on the off chance that someone reading may be able to help…a little black kitten was abandoned by a stray momcat in someone’s yard in Trenton NJ and needs transport to an adoptive home in Calgary, AB.

The shelter came to pick up the week old kitten to place with nursing mom Sigma at the shelter. In time the kitten was diagnosed with spina bifida that has caused partial paralysis and in need of help with litterbox issues, but the veterinarian feels Psi can still have excellent quality of life. Psi may also be hermaphroditic, which doesn’t cause any health issues, but it’s hard to determine which gender to refer to Psi by!

Best of all, Psi has an adoptive home with an experienced rescuer who already has two special needs rescue kitties and is willing to take in Psi and care for those special needs needs. The only problem is that the rescuer is in Calgary, in Alberta Canada, and Psi is in Bensalem PA. A car trip would be too stressful for the little one, so they need to find someone who can fly Psi close enough to Calgary.

I found out about this through Cat in the Fridge, and you can also read about Psi on Petfinder.

All photos courtesy the kittens’ foster homes.

And read about other kittens and adult cats who are looking for homes.

Can’t adopt? Foster! Can’t foster? Donate or volunteer.

There are so many ways you can help cats who need homes and care. You may not have room to adopt another cat, but can foster a cat or kitten for a few weeks. If not that, you can volunteer at a shelter or with a rescue, or donate. You do this because you love your cat, and by doing so you help all cats. No matter which of these actions you take, you help to save a life, and make life better for all cats.

  • Adopt one of the cats I’ve posted here, or from any shelter or rescue near you, or from Petfinder, to open up a space for another cat to be rescued and fostered.
  • Offer to foster cats or kittens for a shelter or rescue near you.
  • Volunteer at a shelter or rescue.
  • Find a group of volunteers who work with homeless cats and help them with their efforts.
  • Donate to a shelter or rescue near you.

If you can foster kittens or adults cats to help prepare them for a forever home, please run to your nearest shelter and find a cat who needs you! Anyone can help with this effort at any level, even if all you do is donate to a shelter or rescue so they can help to pay for the food or medications needed for their foster, or the spay/neuter/veterinary care during a clinic.

Need to know more? Read Fostering for Your Shelter and Fostering Saves Lives

Two Opportunities to Shop and Donate to Cats


An Opportunity to Help a Shelter Before the End of June

You may have read about Odilia earlier on The Creative Cat, and about this sketch.

"Odilia", pencil, 9" x 6" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski
“Odilia”, pencil, 9″ x 6″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

I have had digital prints made of this sketch, available in my Etsy shop. To further help the AWS, during the month of June 2013 which is also Adot-a-Cat Month, I will donate $5.00 out of the sale of each print to the Animal Welfare Society of Kennebunk, Maine.

Read more about the shelter, about Odilia’s foster mom Connie, about Odilia’s name and more in the original post about the sketch and the auction, Meet Blind Kitten Odilia, Win Her Sketch and Support Fostering for Shelters.

Donation Discount for HCMT

The Homeless Cat Management Team (HCMT) is raising funds for an extra free-for-ferals clinic during this year in addition to the six that are typically planned, hoping to reduce the impact of abandoned cats reproducing. A “free” clinic that serves up to 80 unowned stray and feral cats costs about $1,500 in materials. HCMT is working to raise enough to host an extra clinic and a generous donor has offered to match every dollar up to $700. They need to do this before the end of June.

I will discount the exact amount you donate from the cost of your order up to $100.

Click on the YouCaring link below and make a donation. Donate $10.00, you get $10.00 off. Donate $100.00, you get $100.00 off. If you can’t spend it all at once, you get a credit. This doesn’t include custom orders or shipping, only what’s currently in the shop.

It costs about $25.00 per cat in materials. Help spay or neuter at least one.

Click the link below to donate, and remember that your donation is doubled up to $700.

You can also go to the donation page.

Browse some rescued cats and kittens!

cats for adoption

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