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CAT TV in Full Swing

cats at window
Cat TV in full operation.

“Little birdie, where did you go? We only wanted to talk!”

Cat TV keeps the boys occupied on a sunny spring morning as the baby birds are cheeping and flapping away in the lilac and their exhausted parents are cleaning out the feeders and the suet, and large, apparently very exciting mourning doves are perching along the tops of the casement windows.

As long as the screen holds out, this is the perfect setup.

Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe and Jelly Bean, what a crew.


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4 thoughts on “CAT TV in Full Swing

  • Best channel ever! Very popular around here is the Finch afternoon special, but the Morning Dove show is also quite exciting!

    • Cynthia, too funny! Every once in a while we have a special featuring exotics—red-bellied woodpeckers, a nuthatch, and even a Baltimore oriole!

  • OMG! We call it “cat tv” too when we open our bedroom window and the cats can watch the birds. Sometimes the birds land right on the balcony – unaware that a thin screen is the only thing keeping them safe! Our cats love the sounds and smells of the outdoors too – though they are indoor cats. CAT TV!

    • This window is my TV as well–because I so enjoy watching the birds AND them! They like any window, but I also have a screen door on the basement, which is at ground level and right by my garden, lots of CAT TV!

      Funny, I just got a fountain for my cats over the weekend! The Fantastic Four black cats are famous for drinking out of the bathroom faucet since they grew up in there and thought all faucets were supposed to leak. I got them a Drinkwell 360 and they just love it.


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