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Book Review: “Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much”

So what's with this?
So what’s with this?

I think most of us could say there is at least one area, one treat, one toy, one activity, where we go overboard for our fine felines. Right after the basics of good food, fresh water and a clean litterbox come all the pet supply stores in person and all over the internet, the books and websites and support groups with information on how we can, and should, spoil our kitties.

And it’s so much fun—they make us work to find the purrrr-fect tiny can of a mixture of wild-caught salmon and yak meat, or the hand-felted mousie made of virgin wool grown in New Zealand, or sitting at the window watching us tend their  purrr-sonal garden of kitty catnip delights so they may have a fresh spring ready to awaken their senses after every nap.

And purrr-haps it’s our fancy felines’ desire, or purrr-haps it’s our own need, that we also like to make fun of ourselves for our efforts! Author Allia Zobel Nolan went through the list of outrageous expenditures and efforts and compiled them into a book titled Women Who Love Cats Too Much—way, way back in 1997. Since way before cats even took over the internet, Allia has been a feline fanatic, or as she describes herself, “addicted”, “co-dependent” or just resigned to their fate. That’s when she wrote the first book about, basically, being a slave to her cats.

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It’s even more okay now, almost 20 years later, because not only has she “matured” into her role, but cats are more popular than ever and we poor souls working to please our puddies just get a little more understanding than we used to. And Allia decided to write the sequel, updated with social networks and new methods we’ve found of spoiling our kitties in the past two decades, Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much. As she says on the back cover of her book, “Some say being addicted to cats plays havoc with self-esteem, makes you the brunt of hokes, and interferes with quality of life, relationships, and careers. Most women feel that’s a small price to pay.”

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"Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much" by Allia Zobel Nolan
“Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much” by Allia Zobel Nolan

The 6″ x 6″ paperback gift book, with whimsical, bright illustrations by “Sylvia” cartoonist Nicole Hollander, isn’t available until the beginning  of September, but you can pre-order the book with the links on Allia’s website.

Allia Zobel Nolan is an internationally-published, award-winning author of over 200 children’s and adult trade titles. Her books reflect her two main passions, God and cats, and include such varied titles as Purr More, Hiss Less: Heavenly Lessons I Learned from My Cat, Cat Confessions: A Kitty-Come-Clean Tell-All Book, The Ten Commandments for Little Ones, The Worrywart’s Prayer Book and Whatever: Livin’ the True, Noble, Totally Excellent Life. She lives and loves her puddies way too much in Connecticut with her husband, Desmond Finbarr Nolan, and their feline children, Sineady Cat, the Fraidy Cat, and Nolan Nolan.

Allia sent me a copy of this book to review and I’m happy to do so—I love the feline-centric books Allia has published over the years and have learned much about creating gift books from reading them and talking to Allia her self. A few of my kitties have even appeared in one of her books! And if she lived closer she probably would have had to adopt Zorro, and I would have let her!

They're not sure if this goes far enough!
They’re not sure if this goes far enough!

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  • Fabulous review, Bernadette. Love the comment about the compound that makes the thyroid pill taste like caviar!

  • I have had the original since it came out. 🙂


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