Wordless Wednesday (sort of): Adopt Me!

Adopt me!
Adopt me!


Here’s the not-wordless part!


A Little Rescue: Kallisto

So this happened.
So this happened.

So this happened. Little rescued torbie girl found alone in the snow on a farm north of here, getting into the system. She is friendly, audacious and beautiful, I will call her Kallisto.

The week before Thanksgiving we had a little houseguest for an overnight, and I was so pressed for time I didn’t even get a chance to share her story here!

She's very happy to be safe and warm.
She’s very happy to be safe and warm.

Margo’s vet received a call from an older couple who said they’d found a kitten but if no one came and took it they’d shoot it. Now don’t get upset, they weren’t the type to do that, they just couldn’t keep the kitten and weren’t getting anywhere with some place to take her, and at their age, that’s kind of how they deal with things. They called several places, and Margo’s vet called her to see if she could do anything. The couple lived in my town so she asked me if I’d assess the situation and probably take the kitten.

It turns out they have a farm about 100 miles north of here and drove up the weekend before Thanksgiving, and it snowed pretty heavily. This little kitten showed up in 8″ of snow, clearly dumped in their driveway, meowing loud enough to hear all over the acreage. They have feral cats in their barn, but she was in no way related to them, obviously very socialized and accustomed to living with people. They bought kitten food and got some ear swabs for earmites, and drove home with her on a lap. They had confined her to the kitchen overnight and just had papers on the floor instead of litter, but there was no way they would have harmed her. At this time of the year the shelters have only voice mail and they didn’t want to leave a message, not knowing they could just go there. A pretty and friendly little kitten is absolutely adoptable!

I brought her home and installed her in my bathroom. Very loudly vocal at their house she quieted down and ate and drank and used the litterbox. I estimated her at first at about six weeks, but looking at her eye color thought she was probably closer to eight, but small for her age. She purred loudly and was very affectionate. Once she’d done the necessities she climbed back up on my lap and curled up, putting her little paw on my hand and purring. When she was really falling asleep I put her in the basket bed in there and let her rest. I thought she would start meowing again when I left the room, but she was solidly sleeping when I checked.

Kallisto holds my hand.
Kallisto holds my hand.

She stayed overnight and the next day, after an extensive photo session, below, I took her to Margo’s house. Margo would have her vetted and knew of a certain little girl and her mom who wanted to try fostering a kitten and possibly adopt the kitten, and Kallisto seemed like the purr-fect fit. And she was! Immediately after arriving at the foster’s home a few days later Kallisto was on her way to taking over the household.

What a pleasure to be a stop on the way for a little one. I loved her little black nose, and those hazel eyes. She will be a beauty!

Kallisto was an adventurous wood nymph in Greek/Roman mythology who was one of Demeter/Artemis’s followers and had many adventures including producing a child with Zeus/Jupiter and for her own protection was made into a constellation, Ursa Major, by Demeter/Artemis.

Here is a gallery of the photos above and others I took to start promoting her for adoption.



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3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (sort of): Adopt Me!

  • December 8, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    kallista….we loves yur storee……N yur fotoz bee price lezz ; we hope yur fosterz peepulz troo will bee yur for everz peepulz ~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  • December 7, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    What a precious little angel! Purring that she quickly finds a forever family to cherish her…


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