Wordless Wednesday: Bella Shipping Su-purr-visor

Bella Shipping Su-purr-visor
Bella Shipping Su-purr-visor


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Thereby Hangs a Tail

I did a mid-afternoon head count before I got back to work, and thought I’d lost Bean. He never sleeps in a hiding spot, I can always find him. I went pacing around the house with a flashlight, if I’d called his name I’d get everyone. Still Giuseppe and then Basil caught on something was up and followed me. I was ready to shake the treats jar but walking out of my studio I looked up. Thereby hung a tail. And the rest of Bean was happily sleeping up on the shelf. Glad he relaxed enough to let his tail down. If he was one of Snow White’s dwarves, he would be Sleepy.

Thereby hangs a tail.
Thereby hangs a tail.

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The Kitty On My Tree, 2015

There's a kitty on my tree!
There’s a kitty on my tree!

I looked up from my work and saw—a kitty on my tree! Do you see it?

There's that kitty!
There’s that kitty!

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The scene at breakfast this morning, clockwise from top: Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean, Mewsette, Basil, Giuseppe, and Charmee is just stepping in. Mimi and Bella feel it’s a bit crowded already.

Breakfast crowd.
Breakfast crowd.

Love Triangle

Love Triangle.
Love Triangle.

Cat TV has a great show on today!!! It’s all about a chipmunk that climbed up a tree to get to the birdfeeder!!! That’s Mewsette, Basil, Charm and Bella, and that chipmunk is one lucky dude to be on the other side of that screen.

An exciting show on Cat TV!
An exciting show on Cat TV!

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Wordless Wednesday: Mewsette Doesn’t Need to Say a Word, 2014
black cat looking down from above
Mewsette doesn’t need to say a word.

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Another Day, Another Box, 2013
black cat with box
Mewsette poses with her latest experiment.

“This box won’t give up its secrets so easily,” Mewsette comments on her latest work.

Mewsette has put some time into pondering this box and made a few experimental tastings. She has found the box to be rather rigid and uncommunicative.

Now it’s time for Mewsette to rest and ponder her discoveries and visualizations. A sunny spot is most amenable to like activities. Such is the life of the famous feline cardboard interpretation artist in her work. The human must not move the box as Mewsette ponders its message.

black cat in box
Now it is time to nap and dream.

This pattern she calls “Wandering” because it describes her wandering thoughts as she impressed it on the box.

black cat in box
She tested the other edges as well.

See more of Mewsette’s cardboard interpretations.

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Napping, 2012
Mewsette is daydreaming...
Mewsette is daydreaming…

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      Thanks for visiting Rosa Silva! They are so entertaining I just have to share!

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    Oh my word – FAB photos!
    I SO wish I was at your home today! 🙂

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      Thanks, Create With Joy! It is a little cooler here, otherwise the same old shenanigans.


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