Vintage Photos: October 3, A Homecoming Day

two cats sleeping on flowered couch
Kelly and Namir sleeping back to back on the couch, position 1.

Namir and Kelly mirror each others’ sleeping positions on the couch, in 2000.

. . . . . . .

On October 3, 1996, I let go of Allegro after just two weeks of knowing he had lymphoma, and just two weeks after letting go of my Kublai, a time that brought a change in me and my art.

On October 3, 1997, a friend drove up to my home bearing Kelly and Namir for me to foster.

It’s always a bittersweet day for me, one in the cycle of the comings and goings of felines in my household, but I mark it each year in memory knowing the date is likely not a coincidence, marking a year of transition for me and for my feline household.

When it was clear my friend couldn’t take Kelly and Namir back a couple of years later, they officially became permanent members of my feline family, but that was only a formality. We had come some distance on a journey together and still had some distance to go.

Because we lost Namir just about the time I began blogging, you’ve mostly seen Namir with Cookie or by himself, and Kelly with Cookie or Peaches or herself. But until Peaches joined our household and Kelly became her BFF, the two were tight buddies for their first years here.

A little later they turn over, still mirroring each other, position 2.
A little later they turn over, still mirroring each other, position 2.

By this time Namir was ruler of his little kingdom, his sweet and silly personality making him a favorite with visitors and a good friend of mine. Kelly was still shy of others but friendly with me, and opening up her talkative and busy personality for us to enjoy. But we didn’t start there—in fact, Namir hated my guts for a few months, his loyalty to his person stronger than his curiosity and need to explore his new home. He growled at me when I came in the spare cat room to feed them, and Kelly hid, frightened by both me and Namir.

I began leaving the door open to the room in the spring of 1998, and finally one day, the two quietly came down the steps together to explore. It was just a few steps to trust from there, and as for them integrating into the rest of the family, they’d been conversing through the closed door and then the open door, and I’m sure it was those feline conversations that told them the human was worth getting to know. I was lucky enough to catch this moment in the photo below when I turned to see them and quickly grabbed the old Pentax K1000. They are about four years old. What a lucky day for me.

two cats on steps
Namir and Kelly, the first time they came down the steps to the landing, their first step in joining the household.

It seems like yesterday.

You can read about October 1996 in an article entitled The Artist’s Life: The Splendor of Autumn.

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You can read more about Namir in Who Was That Namir, Anyway?

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